Chinese companies bring “new hope” to Egyptian livestock

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Through New Hope, China has contributed to the development of Egypt’s livestock industry. This really represents “new hope”.

Yao Bing, Mahmoud Fouly

Menofia, Egypt, May 28 (Xinhua)-Workers load poultry feed into a waiting truck from a local farm at a feed factory in Sadat, Menofia, north of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. I was there.

“The poultry feed produced by New Hope is popular with local farmers because of its quality,” 36-year-old driver Ibrahim Hassan told Xinhua, and his trucks carry 10 tons of feed. Said that it can.

Hassan, who delivers feed at a local poultry farm, mentioned New Hope Egypt Co., Ltd., the first feed factory established in Egypt by China’s leading New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. 10 years ago. .. Companies in the feed, animal agriculture and food industries.

“Our farm has 3 million poultry, two-thirds of which are fed New Hope-produced feed,” Hassan said.

Feed conversion ratio is a measure of poultry or livestock production efficiency. This is the ratio of specific feed weight to animal weight gain over a specific period of time.

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“The lower the ratio of feed to meat, the higher the level of production efficiency and economic benefits. Before coming here, the ratio of the feed industry in Egypt was 1.8, but now with feed, this figure Has dropped to 1.5. ” Mr. Suhao, General Manager of New Hope Egypt Co., Ltd.

The strains used by New Hope in Egyptian feed production are imported from China, increasing the ability of broilers to absorb nutrients from feed and reduce nitrogen production. Yang Luo Hwan, manager of the company’s quality control department, said:

New Hope has four feed manufacturing companies and one poultry farm in Egypt, with an investment of 600 million Chinese yuan (about US $ 90 million) creating 800 jobs for Egyptians, New Hope Priuhe shares. Company Overseas Division

China’s expansion of New Hope in Egypt is under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) proposed by China in search of a win-win partnership between participating countries.

“We use state-of-the-art production technology to process high quality feed, which has played a role in the development of Egypt’s agriculture and livestock industry, supported by more than 40 years of expertise of China’s technical team. We strictly follow the BRI procedure, “said Xiao, adding that many Egyptians have gained a better life and career path by working for Chinese companies.

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Mohamed Ramadan joined New Hope Egypt Co., Ltd. 10 years ago and is now the Deputy Manager of the company’s production division.

“When I first joined New Hope, I was a warehouse manager. With training and continuous learning at the company, I gradually learned advanced feed production techniques and eventually Egypt. I became a member of the management team of the company, “he said. The company has nearly 200 employees, more than 90% of whom are Egyptians.

AsmaaSaeid, an Egyptian veterinarian, joined New Hope in 2018. She is the deputy manager of the company’s technical services department and is responsible for providing technical support to customers and their farms.

“As a female veterinarian, getting into a poultry farm wasn’t easy. When I started visiting the poultry farm, many farmers were reluctant to let me in, worried that my service might not be sufficient. I got the trust. “

“Now they call me and tell me if I have any problems with feeding chickens. Thanks to New Hope for supporting me and giving me this opportunity,” she told Xinhua. ..

Through New Hope, China has contributed to the development of Egypt’s livestock industry. This really represents a “new hope”.

© Provided by Xinhua News Agency

Chinese companies bring “new hope” to Egyptian livestock

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