China is at risk of quarantine by opposition to investigating the origin of the virus, according to the White House

China The White House said Monday that it faces growing international pressure and isolation unless Beijing cooperates in efforts to uncover the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We will work together to put the necessary pressure. China White House spokesman Jen Psaki told reporters.

Saki said the U.S. government is concerned ChinaRefusal to cooperate with ongoing investigations into viral origin. “The lack of transparency is certainly one of them,” she said, adding that “the global community has noticed the disruption.”

Jake Sullivan, White House’s national security adviser, said Sunday China would be isolated by the international community unless the government cooperated in investigating the origin of the virus.Leaders of groups of seven major industrialized countries approved last week called China To allow an investigation of the territory of how the pandemic began.

Beijing leaders “face tough choices. In a responsible way, allow investigators to do the actual work of figuring out where this came from, or isolated in the international community, Sullivan said. Will face. “

The Biden administration is working with allies and partners to “continue to put pressure on everything until it finds out how the virus came out and who is responsible for it,” Sullivan said. ..

A joint investigation into the origin of the virus by the Chinese government and the World Health Organization earlier this year failed to determine the cause of the outbreak of the disease. However, the joint investigation did not recommend further investigation into the theory that the virus had escaped from the Wuhan Institute. This conclusion was challenged by the WHO Executive Secretary, who called for further investigation.

WHO is currently working on a Phase 2 investigation of viral origin, but the Chinese government has announced that it will not participate in further investigations into China’s soil.

President Biden recently told U.S. intelligence agencies about the origin of the virus after the spy agency divided its opinion on whether the virus occurred naturally or perhaps due to a leak from a major virus laboratory in Wuhan. I ordered a lunar survey. Pandemic.

ChinaThe government allowed WHO investigators to visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology for three hours earlier this year. However, so far, Beijing has not provided details of potentially dangerous “feature acquisition” studies on bat coronaviruses conducted in the laboratory.

Chinese officials have denied the virus leaked from the institute.

However, the second theory that the virus emerged naturally from bats, intermediate animal hosts, and so-called zoonotic diseases to humans has not been confirmed.

According to WHO, Chinese authorities have investigated more than 80,000 animals. China Also, no evidence of the coronavirus behind the pandemic was found. It is known as SARS-Cov-2 in any animal.

On Monday Tom Cotton Senator Raboriku an early proponent of the theory of viral origin, Xi Jinping Jintao of China said that less likely to react to the pressure of the US-led.

“習近 Xiaoping do not think that the trembling in the boots. Joe Biden is not going to invite him to the next of coffee” [Group of 20 summit], Mr. Cotton told Fox News Channel.

“At first, China I’m not going to cooperate. They don’t intend to open those laboratories and bring in American scientists and researchers, “Cotton said.

Arkansas Republicans said there is now enough evidence to hold China Responsible for the pandemic.

“From the beginning, I realized that the virus was very likely to have occurred in these laboratories,” he said. “It didn’t come from a secluded mountain village next to a bat-filled cave. It’s a bigger city than New York, a few blocks down the street from the lab where they’re studying these viruses. “A lab run by a woman, literally called a” bat lady, “he said.

Mr Cotton said the administration should impose costs ChinaEnding most favored nation treatment, blocking the issuance of entry visas to Chinese Communist Party executives and their relatives.

“We can do a lot to hold China Accountable, we haven’t done much enough, “he said.

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China is at risk of quarantine by opposition to investigating the origin of the virus, according to the White House

Source link China is at risk of quarantine by opposition to investigating the origin of the virus, according to the White House

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