China imposes strict tariffs on Australian wines amid heightened tensions

November 27 – China announced on Friday that it would raise tariffs on Australian wine imports by as much as 200% as tensions between the two countries continue to rise.

The Ministry of Commerce of China has announced a decision to raise tariffs on Australian wine, following preliminary results from an anti-dumping investigation that revealed that Australia’s actions had damaged China’s domestic industry.

According to the statement, tariffs of 107.1% to 212.7% will be applied from Saturday.

Australia’s Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment, Simon Birmingham, called the move a “catastrophic blow” to the wine industry, denying the accusations of participating in price dumping.

“These are very important impositions on Australian wine,” he said in a short press conference on Friday. “They will have the effect of making the Chinese wine industry or the Chinese wine market largely infeasible and infeasible for Australian producers.”

He said the idea that Australia is subsidizing the wine industry to sell its products below cost in the international market is not true and they defend their winemakers.

Birmingham said the move after China imposed other trade sanctions on Oceania’s countries this year suggests that they are more punitive than economically.

“The cumulative impact of China’s trade sanctions on many Australian industries during the year raises the perception that these actions are taking place as a result or in response to several other factors.” He said without specifying.

Relations between China and Australia have deteriorated over the past year, with Asian countries imposing tariffs on Australian barley in May.

Last week, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, accused Australia of worsening relations due to “the spirit of the Cold War and ideological prejudice” in an interview with the state media Global Times. threat. ”

Last year, Australia opposed China’s human rights abuses and banned giant electronics company Huawei from participating in the development of 5G Internet infrastructure because of national security concerns.

In April, Australia joined the United States to approve an independent investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. This is a move that Australia’s ambassador to China, Cheng Jingye, warned that it could lead to a boycott of Chinese products.

Australia also terminated the extradition treaty with Hong Kong in early July after Beijing enforced strict and widely condemned National Security Acts against the former British colonies.

China does not want its relations with Australia to deteriorate, Zhao said, but “China is not responsible for causing this situation.”

“The Australian side understands the real reason for the recession of bilateral relations, looks at China and China’s development objectively and rationally, and treats bilateral relations seriously on the basis of mutual respect and equal treatment. We hope to do more that will lead to mutual strengthening. Promote trust and practical cooperation between the two countries. “

China imposes strict tariffs on Australian wines amid heightened tensions

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