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China imposes regional blockade as cases of COVID-19 surge

Beijing — China tightened blockades in cities along China’s east coast on Wednesday, increasing orders for mass trials. The latest surge in COVID-19 cases.

Checks are set up at tollhouses around Putian City in Fujian Province, 12 of which are completely closed. Cities near Xiamen and Quanzhou also limit travel as delta variants spread throughout the region.

The National Health Commission on Wednesday said another 50 cases were diagnosed in various areas of Fujian, most of them in the Putian area.

Since the launch of the first pandemic detected in Wuhan, central China in late 2019, China has imposed rigorous testing, lockdown, quarantine and mask wearing requirements.

Fujian has recently confirmed at least 152 new cases, urging them to stop group activities, including a stay-at-home order, the closure of entertainment, restaurants and fitness facilities, and the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival vacation.

Long-distance bus service to other parts of the state has been suspended.

China has significantly stopped the spread of COVID-19, but new outbreaks continue in various parts of the country. Outbreaks of delta variants in July and August have spread to several states, raising concerns about new and more contagious variants.

The National Health Commission states that it has administered more than 2 billion vaccines, but the effectiveness of domestically developed sera has been questioned, especially in the treatment of delta mutants.

While blockades and other harsh measures have hurt the economy and everyday life, most countries have overcome the effects of the first outbreak.

But the authorities haven’t seized the opportunity. According to the Health Times newspaper published by the ruling Communist Party, authorities banned residents of high-rise communities from leaving their apartments on Wednesday after a suspicious incident was found in eastern Chaoyang District of Beijing.

Students and teachers are also encouraged to avoid traveling during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival starting on Sunday, in addition to the National Foundation Day holiday from October 1st to 7th.

“Even though 91% of students and teachers are vaccinated nationwide, it is recommended that students leave their home state and stay vigilant,” said the Ministry of Education’s COVID-19 Prevention Office. The person in charge, Wang Dengfeng, reportedly said. According to the official China Daily newspaper.

China imposes regional blockade as cases of COVID-19 surge

Source link China imposes regional blockade as cases of COVID-19 surge

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