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China condemns proposed state ban on US property purchases

The Chinese government says its proposal to ban Chinese nationals from buying property within its borders in some US states violates market economy principles.

The Communist government has criticized proposed bans in Texas, Florida and Arkansas, and the United States and China have clashed over Chinese spy balloons hovering over the mainland.

A city in North Dakota recently rejected a plan by a Chinese-owned company to build a corn plant near a U.S. military base, and South Dakota legislators introduced a bill banning foreign purchases of farmland.

“China-US economic and trade cooperation is mutually beneficial and essentially win-win,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said in a translated version of his remarks on Friday. “The over-expansion of the concept of national security and the politicization of economic, trade and investment issues are contrary to the principles of the market economy and international trade rules that undermine international confidence in the US market environment. “

Asian-American advocates criticize the proposed ban as adding to the anti-Chinese stigma and lending a ear to discriminatory laws from the early 1900s.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has suggested he is prepared to ban purchases from China, and his state has spearheaded such proposals. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently expressed concern about foreigner purchases near important sites.

“If you look at the Chinese Communist Party, they’re very active in gorging land all over the Western Hemisphere,” said potential Republican presidential candidate DeSantis last month. “It is not in Florida’s best interest for the Chinese Communist Party to own farmland and own land near military bases.” China condemns proposed state ban on US property purchases

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