Charles Barkley quarrels over who was the worse defender

At this point, the Charles Barkley-Shaquille O’Neal debate is expected in TNT’s “Inside the NBA.”

The two Hall of Fame players took things to another level on Sunday. They discussed who was the better defender during play.

“First of all, you know nothing about the lack of defense,” O’Neill said while talking at some point. Bucks-Hawks Eastern Conference Finals Series..

Berkeley applauded, “You were a terrible pick and roll defensive player.”

O’Neill wasn’t retreating.

“I don’t have to defend,” said the Lakers legend and the four-time champion. “I don’t know why someone hears you about defense.”

Berkeley continued to claim that he was “a better defender” than O’Neill, throwing a shade on Bucks tycoon Brook Lopez.

“You were the worst big man defender in basketball history, with the exception of Brook Lopez in Game 1,” Berkeley said, citing the difficulty of handling Milwaukee’s popular “drop” defense coverage with a series opener. did. Bucks wins.

O’Neill and Berkeley participated in the discussion of Milwaukee’s defense strategy throughout the Conference Finals series.

Berkeley praised Bucks for the Game 2 changes from the Pick and Roll coverage implemented in Game 1. The result is a loss of 116-113, Hawks Point Guard Trae Young 48 points off.

Los Angeles Lakers Shaquille O'Neal # 34 competes with Houston Rockets Charles Barkley # 4
Neither Shakir nor Charles Barkley were known for their defenses during play.
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Bucks won a big 125-91 victory in Game 2.

O’Neill disagreed with Berkeley’s analysis and believed that Bucks was unable to implement another defense plan.

Instead, he attributed Milwaukee’s Game 2 victory to Atlanta’s turnover (nine of which were from Young) and a lack of shooting. Young scored only 15 points in Game 2 6 to 16 shooting.

Charles Barkley quarrels over who was the worse defender

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