Charles Barkley calls Shakir “ugly” “inside the NBA”

Charles Barkley’s Shaquille O’Neal’s first impression was certainly not flattering.

“The first time I saw Shakir in person, I said he was a man-No. 1: He’s ugly,” Berkeley said in “Inside the NBA” on Sunday. Duo trolling streak alive.

Berkeley managed to keep his face straight, and co-host Kenny Smith laughed out loud in a joke.

Berkeley was in the process of complementing Shakir before releasing the barbaric burns.

Charles Barkley of TNT in the nba
Charles Barkley said some good things about his fellow Shakir — and one thing he probably didn’t need to mention.
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“Shakir, Kevin Durant, this kid is here [Giannis  Antetokounmpo].. The 7-foot guy you like, “Wow”. To be so big, strong, and fast … it’s hard to match. ” Berkeley said 7 feet-1 of his fellow Hall of Fame.

Berkeley aimed at Shakir, and the crew discussed the Hawks-Bucks Conference Finals series, with Milwaukee and Antetokunpo leading 2-1.

Game 4 will take place on Tuesday at 8:30 pm EST in Atlanta.

Hawks said point guard Trae Young was suspicious after Monday’s MRI was discovered Bruise on his right leg bone..He was injured in Atlanta Game 3 Defeat When he inadvertently stepped on Referee Shaun Wright Second half of the third quarter.

Charles Barkley calls Shakir “ugly” “inside the NBA”

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