Chargers could ruin Trevor Lawrence’s dream

You … have a bag on your head. … Everyone knows who you are… You are a fan of Jets, and you are nervous, you are anxious, there is a hole in your stomach.

The jet falls to 0-10 not because of the feeling of sinking.

It’s the possibility that your boy will pull off any Sunday upset in the Chargers.

That is a real possibility.

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn delivered the same message to his team on Sunday for three hours that he would be held a nerve-wracking hostage.

Be careful of dogs.

On the Yellow Brick Road to 0-16 and Trevor Lawrence (or 1-15 and Justin Fields), this is the biggest pothole.

The Chargers don’t know how to lose like the Jets, but they definitely know how to lose. They were 2-7 and 5 defeats were less than 5 points.

What Jets fans are concerned about is the fight the unloved loser has shown against the Patriots.

Jets has a chance to defeat the Chargers of Anthony Lynn and Justin Herbert, which could ruin the fan's dream of getting Trevor Lawrence.
Jets has a chance to defeat the Chargers of Anthony Lynn and Justin Herbert, which could ruin the fan’s dream of getting Trevor Lawrence.Getty Images

You are You may want to go to 0-16 for them, but they don’t want to live the rest of their lives with 0-16 ignorance.

The team that lost the first nine games of the season has nothing to lose and nothing to fear.

The team that plays the losing team in the first nine games of the season has everything to lose, and everything to fear, including the fear itself.

Undoubtedly, the concern for Jets fans is whether the goodbye week that comes when that happens will bring all this Jets momentum to a squeaky outage.

Then there’s the problem with Joe Flacco, who again looked like Joe Cool in many Patriots games. He launched missiles for the victory of Breshad Perryman, Denzel Mimes and Jamison Clouder, intercepting only three passes and surrendering 18. Touchdown. Maybe they can all stay healthy in time for the progressing Sam Darnold (shoulder) to play Tua Tagovairoa next week, but first of all.

Jets fans are very much looking forward to the vengeful Karen Barrage and the desimated secondary tossed by Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry and the rookie phenom gunman Justin Herbert. I am.

And again, Jets fans familiar with the sleeping Samson broke most of the locks at Wednesday’s press conference as the Philistines lost power when they cut their hair years ago. When it appeared, Super Bowl III was supposed to repel with fear.

Herbert (19 touchdowns, 6 intercepts) was confused by the dolphin’s defense of Amoeva last Sunday and didn’t sound keen to match the demonic Greg Williams with Wit. “It’s a difficult defense to face because it requires preparation. Many things.”

Now, when it comes to rookie quarterbacks facing Williams in 2019, Gardner Minshu (3 TDs, Zero INT) and Daniel Jones (4 TDs, Zero INT) are Dwayne Haskins (2 TDs, 1). Even INT) wasn’t prepared for many things.

To prevent jet fans from losing hope, this is a good time to remind him or her that every Super Bowl III has a bat fumble.

Keep Faith: Joey Bosa’s (4.5 sack) return from a concussion helps to struggle to defend the Chargers, who are 27th in takeout.

And the Jets Secondary Youth Movement-Frank Gore was a high school student when these puppies were born-features newcomers Bryce Hall and Ashtin Davis.

And who do you think 1-8 Jaguar is playing? 9-0 Steelers!

For Adam Gace’s Jets, this is the perfect time to look at the scoreboard. Alas, they seem to be laser focusing on the charger instead. Just because Williams loves energy and communication in Friday’s practice doesn’t mean it will lead to Game Day. But the movie doesn’t lie. The charger should not be 8.5 points favorite than anyone else.

Be careful of dogs.

Chargers could ruin Trevor Lawrence’s dream

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