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CBS2 talks to experts about what workers need to know to bounce back from layoffs

New York — New employee layoffs occurred this week at US corporate agencies such as DoorDash and CNN. They are following heavy cuts at Meta and other tech companies.

CBS2’s Dave Carlin details what you need to know about recovering from a layoff.

DoorDash has announced it will cut more than 1,200 employees. Other additional cuts are coming in technology, banking, real estate, retail, and media.

Chelsea resident Alec Abaunza said: ‘I think everyone is a little bit nervous at the moment.

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Just days before Thanksgiving, Eric Triebe was fired from his job as Engineer Week Manager at Meta.

“I have to pay in advance. I have to support my family,” said Triebe.

“There’s a lot of re-evaluation going on,” said Brian Tash of Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn.

Will Huff of Union, New Jersey said, “Save some money. Don’t jump into the 401K. Save your money. Practice as hard as you can. Stay focused.” ‘ added.

“Losing a job is a huge stressor,” said Kristin Myers, editor-in-chief of The Balance, a website about personal finances and finances. They should say, ‘Listen, I’ve been a valuable asset to the company…and I feel I deserve some sort of retirement package.

“You’ll want to tell people that you’re actually looking out. There’s no shame in that,” Myers added.

Her advice to everyone is to plan ahead now, pay off your debts, and increase your savings.

Myers says she wants to stay physically and mentally fit for what can be a difficult transition.

“Be mentally prepared to really prepare for the emotional toll, the mental toll. It’s going to take you to get out there and pay it off,” Myers said. Do you want to stay? Where do you want to work?

“There’s more to your life than your job. Your job may be important, but what else enriches your life?” says finance recruiter Austin Simon. ‘ said.

Some companies cutting jobs argue that the layoffs are a necessary fix to get their business back to growth. CBS2 talks to experts about what workers need to know to bounce back from layoffs

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