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CBS reportedly lost millions on James Corden’s late-night show

James Corden reportedly lost as much as $20 million a year before ending his long run as host of CBS’s The Late Late Show.

British comedian Cordon, best known for his Carpool Karaoke skit, quit his job last week after eight years as host of The Late Late Show.

However, sources said the program “raised less than $45 million” against an annual production budget of $60 to $65 million.Quoted by Los Angeles Magazine.

Former CNN anchor Brian Stelter, who wrote the article, reported that “The Late Late Show” became “horribly unprofitable” before the finale.

“It just wasn’t sustainable,” an unnamed executive told Steter. “CBS couldn’t afford him anymore.”

The source added that Corden “faced multi-million dollar pay cuts and/or painful staff cuts” if the show had continued with him as host.

Corden presides over the star-studded finale Last Thursday’s program featured the final version of “Carpool Karaoke,” starring actor Tom Cruise and featuring singer Adele and final guests Will Ferrell and Harry Styles. CBS is shutting down “The Late Late Show,” which has been in production for nearly 30 years.

Harry Styles and Will Ferrell were Corden’s last guests.
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Corden’s exit from ‘The Late Late Show’ was first revealed in April 2022. with deadline report He extended his contract with CBS for another year, ending more than eight years as a host.

Corden said at the time that he had made a “really difficult decision to leave.”

The report also said CBS executives scrambled to keep him on board, offering several contract extensions that he ultimately declined.

CBS building with the face of James Corden
CBS was reportedly losing millions of dollars against the show’s production budget.
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James Corden
James Corden has hosted the show for over eight years.
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“My boss here at CBS has been incredibly supportive and extremely patient while I made this decision,” Corden told the outlet at the time.

“While I wish he could have stayed longer, I am extremely proud that he has made CBS America’s home and that this partnership will be extended for another season on The Late Late Show. We are looking forward to it,” added CBS CEO George Cheeks.

2019, Variety coverage Corden was paid in the $4 million to $5 million range during his initial contract with CBS, but his payout “rises” as the program becomes more successful.

The final episode of “The Late Late Show” averaged 1.43 million viewers. This is the largest since 2021 and a 77% increase compared to the average so far this season. wrap. CBS reportedly lost millions on James Corden’s late-night show

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