Causes of staff shortages at public schools in New York

Schools are one of the areas of urgent need for workers, with staff shortages in almost every industry.

Districts throughout New York are brainstorming and are working to bring people back to the education profession in order to keep staffing in the school. But what was the cause of the staff shortage in the first place?

Experts say there are multiple reasons. Baby boomers are aging and retiring. Working effectively during a pandemic presents a unique challenge. And, coupled with the stringent educational eligibility requirements of New York State, low starting salaries and huge student debt.

Administrators say many leave to teach in other states where there are few hoops to jump.

What you need to know

  • Buffalo Public School has 148 job offers. Rochester Municipal School, 113
  • The metropolitan area has 621 openings, including numerous educational and non-educational jobs.
  • There are 375 vacancies in large areas of central New York, excluding Syracuse schools.
  • Syracuse Municipal School has 220 openings

The New York State Department of Education said it is working to strengthen its talent pipeline and remove barriers to the education of candidates.

The state-wide school board is considering signing bonuses and incentives that can be offered to bring New York to the top of its class.

Syracuse Municipal School is filling the vacancy gap.

“We started the summer with a decent number of positions, about 300 or so educational positions, and a total of 500 positions. Scott Persan Pieri, Director of Recruitment and Selection at Syracuse Central School District (SCSD), said: It states as follows.

Education experts say this is not a short-term challenge.

“This study reveals that this kind of challenge will continue to occur over the next five to ten years, especially for teachers,” Persampieri said.

The shortage of staff has created opportunities for those who are not qualified to be substitute teachers or teaching assistants, or who want to switch their careers to education.

Jason Armstrong, Principal of Montessori at Lemoyne Elementary, said: Education, we are about building relationships. “

“One of the beauty of being a teaching assistant in the Syracuse City School District is having a career ladder to support teaching assistants on a 12-credit basis per year,” says Persampieri.

SCSD helps teacher assistants obtain their degree and be accredited while employed in the district.

According to Armstrong, there are classes in the area.

“We will find a competent alternative,” he said. “Our school community has a network of people with a history of working with us. They are available and will be long-term alternatives.”

He said his education career was rewarding at many levels and contributed to something bigger.

“It’s very rewarding to see family feedback when children are successful, when they are successful, and to see their smiles about what the school has done for them and their students. And it can drive everyone to do this job. It’s like a routine. They get off the bus, hug, go to class, and before sitting at breakfast. I hug them, so I love it, “he said.

Syracuse Municipal School is currently offering $ 3,000 incentives for new teachers and various incentives for other positions. In total Looking to fill Over 400 jobs throughout the district.

Throughout the state, New York public schools have more than 6,200 vacancies.

Buffalo School has 148 job offers. School of Syracuse, 220 openings. Rochester School, 113 openings; Larger metropolitan school, 621 openings. This includes numerous school districts and educational and non-educational positions.

There are 375 vacancies in central New York, excluding Syracuse schools.

Causes of staff shortages at public schools in New York

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