Castro Safeway Store gets a new checkout barrier to help reduce theft

Safeway shoppers at Castro’s location encountered a new sight this weekend: automatic gates and fences installed to prevent shoplifting.

The Safeway store on Market Street in 2020 has had significantly reduced business hours and shopping carts trapped inside, but shoplifting levels have risen over the past two years. And in the latest efforts to combat it, new barriers and gates with a terrifying look have been installed near the store doors. This was the first one. Posted on Reddit last week..

Safeway executives said in a statement Chronicle issuance The new security measure was in response to the increasing number of local thefts.

“Like any other local company, we are working on ways to reduce the spread of theft to ensure the well-being of our employees and promote an environment that welcomes our customers. Their safety is me. We will continue to be our top priority, “Wendy Gutshall, Director of Public and Government Affairs in Safeway’s Northern California Division, wrote in an email to the newspaper. “These long-term planned security improvements were implemented with these goals in mind.”

In October, Castro’s Safeway store will be open 24 hours a day Closed early at 9 pmThis store is currently the earliest closed safeway in San Francisco.This decision is made by the shopping cart I moved to the store in July This is due to the number of units stolen or missing.

The added barrier itself surrounds the self-checkout area of ​​the supermarket and basically encloses customers from only one exit. The gate opens to allow people leaving the store to pass through, but closes as soon as that person passes through. The unstaffed checkout corridor is blocked by a large physical barrier that was previously cut by simply loosening the cord. And even now: According to the Chronicle, the entire side entrance to the store is closed and blocked by a large display of PET bottles.

It’s unclear how effective these automatic gates are in reducing shoplifting, Past reports Regarding the effectiveness of these similarly installed gates-the environment has been fairly successful in stopping shoplifting. But whether or not these barriers help solve the problem, the opinion a shopper shared with Chronicles about recent events at the store is true. “This safeway is becoming more and more strange.”

Castro Safeway Store gets a new checkout barrier to help reduce theft

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