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Carvana Cars: North Carolina Army Veteran Unwittingly Purchases Stolen Maserati for Wife’s Birthday

Moore County, North Carolina — A North Carolina Army veteran purchased a car for over $68,000 only to learn months later that it had been stolen. And that’s just the beginning of the drama surrounding cars.

This was a big purchase for Jason Scott. He bought a Maserati from his Carvana for over $68,000 in November as a birthday present for his wife.

“It was exciting to go down the hill and wait outside. All was well,” said Scott.

All was well until Scott brought the car in for service at a Maserati dealership in February.

“That’s when they realized the car had been stolen,” added Scott.

Papers from Carvana when Scott bought it said the car was a 2021 model year, but during service a technician said it was discovered that the car’s parts did not match the VIN year. Further investigation revealed that the car was a 2017 Maserati, not a 2021 model year.

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“When we checked the VIN number on the chassis, we found it was a stolen vehicle. The VIN on the car windows and the car doors were different,” Scott said.

Police were called and Scott said he was questioned. After showing proof that he had purchased a Maserati from Carvana, he was free to go, but the police seized it because the car was stolen.

Scott immediately called Carvanagh.

“She said, ‘Well, you can’t get the vehicle back in the trade-in until you get the vehicle back. I said, ‘You can’t get the vehicle back.’ I said, ‘The police have a vehicle,'” Scott told the company.

He filed a police report with Calvana to show that he was unable to return the car.

“They weren’t reacting to anything,” Scott said.

Calvana said ABC11 Troubleshooting Diane Wilson said she could not comment due to pending lawsuits.

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Scott has an attorney who sent a letter to Carvana with his request for $1 million in compensation and a public apology for both financial and reputational losses. , Carvana denied prior knowledge that the vehicle had been stolen when he purchased it and apologized for his experience. , said that he was able to exchange for another car of his choice and also offered $1,000 as a token of goodwill.

Not only does Scott want all his money back, he wants $1 million in compensation for what he’s been through, and Carvana has taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. says he wants

“I know they say they do 150 point inspections. I want them to have 151 points. Check your vehicle to see if it’s been stolen. At night on a strange road in the backcountry.” “They don’t want to be caught late,” Scott said.

The North Carolina Attorney General’s office said it was investigating Carvana because it had received 130 complaints, but had heard no complaints about selling stolen vehicles. Carvana Cars: North Carolina Army Veteran Unwittingly Purchases Stolen Maserati for Wife’s Birthday

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