Carson Wentz is a problem, but the wrath of Eagles fans pointed out elsewhere

The Eagles are currently number one in the NFC East, but it feels like they’re trapped in a basement without a key.

They’re playing in the NFL’s worst divisions, so I’m lucky that 3-5-1 has recently been able to get more for your money.

In fact, Philadelphia could be defeated in Cleveland on Sunday, as their closest tracker, the 3-7 Giants, is saying goodbye this week, regardless of what’s happening around them. By the end of the day it is still number one.

However, the Eagles tendency is awkward, and then Philadelphia is worried. Excited fans questioned the work of coach Doug Pederson and former draft second-place quarterback Carson Wentz, who appear to have retreated from the man who played 11-2 in the 2017 Super Bowl season. I’m starting. Since 17-18-1.

Wentz has completed only 58.2% of the passes (the worst in the NFL of the starters) and, most worrisomely, leads the league with interception (12) and total turnover (16).

Wentz, who has a four-year $ 128 million contract, can claim to have launched the worst quarterback in the NFL.

Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz
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Still, it was Pederson who seemed to be angry with the fans at the highest dose.

Do you think Pederson, who has built a reputation as a coach specializing in quarterback development, suddenly forgot how to teach quarterbacks? Isn’t he the same guy who was the only coach who made Nick Foles look like a pro bowler?

Pederson is not a problem in Philadelphia. This is Wentz.

The problem for Pederson is that if the Eagles keep slipping, it’s possible that his work is hanging in balance.

The Eagles’ next five games will face Browns (6-3), Seahawks (7-3), Packers (7-2), Saints (7-2) and Cardinals (6-4). 33-14, .702 win rate.

Their last two games will face the Cowboys and Redskins from their own lower divisions, but is it too late to save the playoff berth by then?

Here’s a guarantee: If Pederson is fired, there’s a line of teams that want to hire him.

Pederson has been patiently ironic lately because he has been plagued with questions about what went wrong.

Pederson’s reaction was ironically saturated when a reporter suggested that Wentz need to be removed from the field when inserting rookie Jalen Hurts (Wentz was thrown only two passes in two). was doing. … something we investigate. “

With a WIP radio appearance every Monday in Philadelphia, Pederson was “angry” at last Sunday’s defeat to the Giants and was a little salty and happy to “hang up” right now. I asked. His appearance obligation.

“Listen, we’re still sitting in a really good place here in the NFC East,” Pederson later told reporters. “I know it doesn’t look pretty. We understand it. But there are still a lot of balls in front of us and this is a great opportunity for this football team to move forward. I think there are more. “

Roads are less difficult to navigate than roads beyond Pederson and Eagles. It seems that it may be a rough vehicle.

Carson Wentz is a problem, but the wrath of Eagles fans pointed out elsewhere

Source link Carson Wentz is a problem, but the wrath of Eagles fans pointed out elsewhere

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