Caroline Aaron has no idea how ‘Maisel’ will end

Caroline Aaron has no idea how ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ will end, but she’s filming the final fifth season with four more episodes left.

“I think they write as they are,” Aaron told me.

Aaron plays Shirley Maisel opposite Rachel Brosnahan, Tony Shalhoub and Alex Borstein in Prime Video’s award-winning comedy.

After 25 years in Los Angeles, she’s happy to be back in New York, but a “COVID tour” on set can be a hassle.

“There was no shutdown,” Aaron said, although everyone still wears masks between scenes.

Instead of sitting together for lunch, “they knocked on our door with a little brown paper bag.”

Growing up Jewish in south Richmond, Virginia, Aaron’s soul runs deep with social justice. Her late mother is a civil rights activist who walked with Martin Her Luther King Her Jr. in Nina Her Friedman Her Abadi in Selma, Alabama. lawn in front of her.

Aaron has appeared in over 100 films, including four with Woody Allen. One was “Crime and Misdemeanor”.

Allen was never one to stick to his script. “Woody used to say, ‘Say whatever you want to say.’ He wants it to be comfortable in your mouth.


Ben Affleck was shocked by the paparazzi crowd following him and his new wife Jennifer Lopez in Paris. .

Affleck, who returned from his honeymoon in Paris to Los Angeles to shoot Aquaman 2 on the Warner Bros. lot, told a friend.


George Clooney and his charming wife Amal arrived by private speedboat at the Grand Hotel on Lake Como for a romantic dinner at the Tremezzo restaurant.

The photogenic couple walked off hand in hand and told fellow diners that they’ve been staying in a house there for most of August.


George Soros wasn’t as popular with law and order rednecks amidst the crime wave as it is now, but billionaires can rest easier in Tony Cena’s protection.

Skiena is a South African martial artist who could replace Steven Seagal in action movies and runs MOSAIC (Multi Operational Security Agency Intelligence Company).

Soros, who supported the election and re-election of prosecutors who supported criminal justice reform, now needs more protection. Schiena helps protect him from psychos.

When contacted, Schiena wrote:


Actor James Francis Ginty, who just won Best Short at the Traverse City Film Festival for his Michael Moore-directed and produced film Created Sleep Transmissions, has turned down an invitation to the Moscow International Film Festival. War with Ukraine.

Ginty, who co-starred with Harrison Ford in K-19: The Widowmaker, and his film co-stars unanimously declined an all-paid trip to Russia.

Rosamund Pike, who co-starred with Bruce Willis and Ginty in “Surrogates,” received a special thank you in the credits for her support.


Anthony Hopkins is sending boxes of food and toys to the homeless dogs he cares for with Jeffrey Berry’s animal rescue ‘No Dogs Left Behind’.

Burri just hosted a fundraiser in Southampton, which was also backed by socialite Tinsley Mortimer and divorce attorney Ken Jewell.


J.D. Vance’s first win in Ohio should encourage other authors to run for public office.

Vance wrote the 2016 bestseller “Hillbilly Elegy,” explaining how he grew up poor, joined the Marine Corps, and then attended Ohio State University and Yale Law School.

Married and the father of three children, Vance Republican Party Candidate to succeed retired Republican Senator. Rob PortmanHe will stand up to the Democrats Tim Ryan in November.

Vance, whose ancestry is from Kentucky, concludes the first chapter: So does much of the white working class in America. And we hill people are not doing very well. ”


Suraj Patel, who is running for Congress against Rep. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, just got engaged.

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Patel, 38, posed the question to “The Atlantic” producer Emily Bina, and she said, “Yes!”

The couple met in Dumbo in late 2018 after Patel lost the previous election.

“This beautiful woman came up to me and said, ‘I just want to let you know I voted for you and I live on your block. I like your politics.'”

Three and a half years later, while friends were hiding in the bush and filming, Patel tapped her on the shoulder and said, “You live on my block and I’m voting for you.”

Nadler represents the Upper West Side and Maloney represents the Upper East Side, but now the boroughs are merged.

“A lot of people are trying to figure out if they can afford to live here and support their families,” said attorney Patel. “This is a generational issue in our district.”

Suraj and Emily live in the same building as their two brothers, sister-in-law, toddler nephew, and twin dogs Peyton and Eli. Sounds like a sitcom.

Caroline Aaron has no idea how ‘Maisel’ will end

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