Carl Bernstein says 21 Republican senators look down on Trump

New York (AP)-Former Watergate detective Karl Bernstein lists on Twitter the names of 21 Republican senators he says have “repeatedly expressed contempt” for Donald Trump and his aptitude for president. It’s up.

Bernstein’s post was blamed on Monday by some of the people involved. It was a modern twist on journalism from a former Washington Post reporter who wrote the scoop that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation with his partner Bob Woodward in the 1970s.

Bernstein said he did not violate confidentiality when listing senators. He said he learned of the politician’s personal feelings through conversations with colleagues, staff, lobbyists, and White House aides.

“With a few exceptions, their enthusiastic public silence helped enable Trump’s most disastrous actions, including undermining the US electoral system and damaging credibility.” He tweeted late Sunday.

Bernstein, a political analyst at CNN, declined the request to talk about his post.

Many Washington reporters have personally made reservations about Trump, but talked about lawmakers who rarely name their stories. Bernstein said he believed that some of the Republicans on the list were personally happy with the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

Michael Zona, a spokesman for Senator Chuck Grassley on Bernstein’s list, said the characterization was not true.

“Sen. Grasley was a strong supporter of the president and at the same time did not keep it secret when he disagreed with the president,” Zona said. “There is no difference in what Senator Glasley is saying, both publicly and privately. Washington journalists may be wise to rethink trafficking with unfounded second-hand and third-party rumors. It may regain lost trust. “

Senator spokesman Emily Benavidez said Ohio Senator Rob Portman “has never spoken to Bernstein and doesn’t know where he’s getting the wrong information.” It was.

In a column written for the Cincinnati Choirer on Monday, Portman called on Trump to begin working with President Biden on the transition.

There was no article on CNN’s website about Bernstein’s list on Monday. A veteran reporter appeared on CNN’s “New Day” on Friday and nominated 15 of the 21 senators who tweeted about two days later.

Roy Gutterman, a professor at Syracuse University who specializes in the law and ethics of journalism, said Bernstein’s approach was unusual and noted that journalists frequently criticized Trump.

“I don’t know if what he did today fits the model of what he bet on his reputation. It was hardcore investigative journalism,” Gutterman said.

It was only natural to find Utah Senator Mitt Romney on Bernstein’s list. Romney pressured Trump to overturn the election results last week, but said, “It’s hard to imagine worse, more undemocratic behavior by the incumbent US president.”

“The senator’s view of the president is generally well known,” said spokeswoman Liz Johnson.

In a statement, Indiana Senator Todd Young, a spokesperson, said Bernstein’s “rumors without sources” were unworthy of a response. “It’s clear that Senator Young has a great deal of cooperation with President Trump and has brought some historic victories to Indiana,” a spokesman said.

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Carl Bernstein says 21 Republican senators look down on Trump

Source link Carl Bernstein says 21 Republican senators look down on Trump

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