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Cannabis Authority Raises Idea to Sell Products at New York Farmers Market

new york — Regulation makes sales difficult cannabis In New York, farmers have hundreds of thousands of pounds of unsold product.

But a new idea to bring marijuana to farmers’ markets is gaining traction.

You might even find cannabis next to fresh baked goods and organic vegetables at your local market this summer.

Concerts and festivals may also start handling this.

“I have very mixed feelings about selling grass,” said Gene Standish of the East Village.

“I don’t think it’s that different from selling fruits and vegetables,” added East Village’s Hasina Sadara.

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The idea may be controversial, but producers across New York argue it’s necessary for survival. The state has been slow to open licensed recreational pharmacies, which means a shortage of buyers for farmers.

Across the state, millions of dollars worth of products remain unsold, including £1,200 of product. flower Raised by Joann Kudrewicz.

“Everything that was supposed to be for sale is in stock. There are no stores. It’s not on the shelves anywhere,” Kudlovich said.

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The State Cannabis Authority proposed a farmer’s market solution to growers at a virtual conference last week. The rules are still in draft but require growers to partner with licensed retailers.

The program could start later this month.

“New York tourist numbers have already been very strong this year, and it’s a great opportunity to showcase this up-and-coming industry in the places tourists and New Yorkers will be visiting,” said John Kagia, director of the Cannabis Administration. Told.

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But legal experts say executions are not as easy as they sound. Many municipalities do not welcome cannabis retailers.

“Logistically, there are some very obvious challenges. First and foremost is security. Space. said Mr. .

The Cannabis Authority says momentum is also building toward increasing retail demand. There are currently 12 pharmacies in operation and another 12 pharmacies in the final stages of opening. Cannabis Authority Raises Idea to Sell Products at New York Farmers Market

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