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Canceled Balloon Inflation Event Impacts UWS Business

If this was another year, the day before Thanksgiving, we usually found thousands of people checking out Macy’s’ annual balloon inflation event by the American Museum of Natural History, many of whom were in nearby businesses. I will spend the money I earned hard.

But this year it wasn’t.

“No one comes, says Miguel Rodriguez, who has worked for the Bagles and Company on Amsterdam Avenue for nearly 14 years.

The cancellation of Macy’s’ annual balloon inflation event led to the eve of Thanksgiving and became a nightmare.

“It’s crazy every year,” says Rodriguez. “The line is coming soon!”

Not this year. Rodriguez says he got the exact opposite of what he needed, instead of dealing with the long lines he had just seen the balloons inflate.

“We need a business with this pandemic,” he says. “Difficult. I don’t have the money for rent.”

Also, due to the cancellation of this year’s balloon inflation event, it was Made in New York Pizza, also on Amsterdam Avenue, that felt low inflation.

“As you can see, there are few people around this year, no one outside,” said Samuel Mike, co-owner of Made in New York Pizza.

Instead of making a distinction like last year, Mike remembered last night before Thanksgiving that “pandemic” and “social distance” were not part of our everyday language.

“We were supposed to close at 2 o’clock, but we stayed until 4 o’clock. There was a never-ending route,” Mike said. “I know there’s a pandemic this year. I’m trying to get in shape, but it doesn’t work.”

Some people who live or work in the area say they miss the magic of balloon inflation events very much.

“It’s sad not to be so happy in the area,” said Calm Ballard of the Upper West Side, who traditionally captures the expansion of a giant balloon with his father each year.

“I used to see everything in person here, so I’m angry that I missed the beautiful event,” said Evelyn Rivera, Housekeeper on the Upper West Side. “But that’s what it is. You need to be safe.”

Many have told NY1 that by this time next year, the pandemic will be curtailed and they hope to have another special event they enjoy and care about.

Canceled Balloon Inflation Event Impacts UWS Business

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