Cameron Diaz’s husband “recommended to stop retirement”

There is something about Benji Madden.

Good Charlotte musician, 43, was one of them Cameron Diaz Fans can thank “There’s something about Mary” and “Shrek” star, 49, back on the screen, according to family sources. people..

“I advised her to retire,” Madden said, after ending her eight-year hiatus and reuniting with Annie’s co-star Jamie Foxx in Netflix’s next action comedy, Back in Action. He talked about Diaz’s decision.

According to sources, Madden is “very excited” about Diaz, who has been married since 2015.

Foxx, 54, used Twitter earlier this week publication Diaz, who last appeared in the 2014 “Annie” remake, will return to acting.

The Oscar-winning “Ray” star shared a phone clip with Diaz. There, Tom Brady helped seduce her from her retirement.

“I’m relatively successful in canceling my retirement,” said a former patriot, and now the Buccaneers, QB, 44.

For many years since then Leave HollywoodDiaz takes on a new role — as the mother of her and Madden Daughter2 year old Radix.

Cameron Diaz’s husband “recommended to stop retirement”

Source link Cameron Diaz’s husband “recommended to stop retirement”

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