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California police arrested 17 Punjabi gangsters and recovered machine guns and AK-47s.

WASHINGTON: California police have arrested 17 Punjabi-speaking gangsters involved in 11 shootings. These incidents include shootings at shrines in Stockton and Sacramento. From the arrested youth he recovered 42 weapons, most of them his AK. He has 47 guns. Apart from this, weapons such as pistols and machine guns have also been seized. These arrests were made during raids carried out in more than 20 locations.

Among the arrested Punjabi youths were Dharamvir Singh’s alias Minta, Jovanjit Singh, Pabitar Singh, Husandeep Singh, Sahajipreet Singh, Harkirat Singh, Tirus Ram, Jaskara Singh, Amandeep Singh, Guruvinder Singh, and Nitish Kaushal. Other names include Lara, Harmandeep Singh, Gurusharan Singh, and Gruminder. The names include Singh, Davinder Singh, Gurcharan Singh, Karandeep Singh and Pradeep Singh.Police officials said two of the young men arrested were wanted in multiple murders in India. said to be a member of the mafia. Police said the arrested person was part of a criminal gang and was involved in several violent and shooting incidents. and another gurdwara shooting in Sacramento on March 23, 2023. Police said young people committed other serious crimes and attempted murders in Denver, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Yolo and Merced counties.

These arrests were made during raids at more than 20 locations. Attorney General Jennifer Dupre said at a press conference that the arrested was a mafia member who was “wanted for several murders” in India. said to have been involved. Including his five attempted murders in Butler, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, Yolo, and Merced counties. Members of these groups were allegedly involved in the shootings at a shrine in Stockton on August 27, 2022 and at another shrine in Sacramento on March 23, 2023. The murder of Sidu Musewara. The gang member arrested by California police is said to be an accomplice to Goldie Buller. Goldie Buller managed to escape in this police operation. It is said that more than two weeks have passed since he began his actions against Goldie Buller. The FBI had already tracked down the entire gang before the action. First, her two young men, Pavitar Singh and Sandeep Singh, were arrested for weapons and drugs. Goldie Buller was also present, but he is said to have managed to escape, and the FBI is now trying to capture him. Goldie Buller’s name is also registered in cases registered by the US police.The FBI is also investigating organizations associated with Goldie Buller. Besides India, Goldie Brar receives huge referral fees from Canada, Australia, Singapore, and more. The FBI is also monitoring the movement of gold and information is being collected. It is speculated that American police may soon detain Goldie Buller. California police arrested 17 Punjabi gangsters and recovered machine guns and AK-47s.

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