California fines Uber $ 59 million for sexual assault data dispute

California regulators have fined Uber $ 59 million and threatened to suspend business licenses in the state after refusing to fork details of sexual assaults that occurred during the trip.

Administrative law judges have ordered ride-hailing giants to comply with the California Public Utility Commission’s request for data on cases of sexual assault and misconduct reported to state Uber over the past three years.

A judge on the committee said it was unacceptable for Uber to interfere with regulators’ efforts to gather information on rider safety risks.

On Monday, the judge said, “It is Uber, who plays the role of obstructor, that prevented the Commission from fulfilling its regulatory, investigative and enforcement obligations, rather than acting as a victim of over-regulation. “. Judgment.

The decision has been about a year since Uber released a safety report in 2018 that revealed that it had received more than 3,000 reports of rape and sexual assault related to travel welcomed through the US platform. It was done later.

The report asks the Public Utility Commission for details of the incident in California, including the date, place, time, assault situation, and contact information for witnesses and each person who was the subject of the assault. I urged you. It was reported.

Uber resists this request and calls it a “shocking privacy breach” that could reveal personal information such as the names and phone numbers of victims of sexual assault.

The judge said the commission had ordered the company to submit sealed data to protect confidential information. According to the ruling, Uber could also use a code or another symbol instead of the full name to identify the victim.

However, Uber wants to fine the company for failing to comply with the “radically changed” order, claiming that the commission has “changed”.

In a statement, Uber spokesman Harry Hartfield said, “These disciplinary and misleading actions do not improve public safety and consider other companies publishing their own reports. Because it does, it only produces a chilling effect. ” “Transparency should be encouraged, not punished.”

Uber has 30 days to appeal the judge’s decision. As of 10:19 am on Tuesday, the company’s share price rose 2.2% to $ 52.59.

California fines Uber $ 59 million for sexual assault data dispute

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