Cagney & Lacey Sharon Gless: “Martini almost killed me”

After spending a week in the hospital due to unexplained, debilitating stomach pain, actress Sharon Gless was advised by her doctor to avoid alcohol.

The TV star, who was 72 at the time, lasted 36 hours without touching anything.

However, when the pancreatic attack returned soon, she consulted a leading gastroenterologist who reached the heart of the problem within minutes.

“If you have another drink, don’t call me,” he said. “I will not commit suicide.”

Gress’ lower lip began to quiver, but the doctor did not forgive. “You’re not going to be all the whims of me, right?” He barked. “I thought you were a tough person.”

Doctors mentioned the role of Gless as strengthening New York cop Christine Cagney from the hit show “Cagney and Lacey.” This is where California’s fame has skyrocketed.

Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless played NYPD detectives at the 1982-1988 hit show “Cagney & Lacey.”
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Currently, the sex symbols of the 78’s and 1980’s are writing memoirs.Apparently there was a complaint. “ (Simon & Schuster) On December 7, she remembers the medical advice that prompted her to stay calm permanently on May 8, 2015.

Another factor was a video of a 70th birthday celebration on the rooftop of a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. Re-observing it two years later, she wrote, “I was fed up with my drunkenness.”

At some point in the video, Gless can be seen yelling to one of the guests, “I don’t give af-k about your child!”

The irony is not lost to enthusiastic fans of Gless’s police drama. Mother Mary Beth Lacey living a clean life ( Tyne Daly), Gless’s character Cagney lives alone and hits the bottle as a means of coping with the stress of her failed romantic life and sadness caused by her father’s death.

“In my real-life parallel universe … I didn’t know where to go or what to do with my feelings,” Gres recalls in her book. She believes that due to her own liquor experience, Cagney gave one of her best performances in one particular episode that changed from drinking from a glass to shaking directly from a bottle.

After being calm for XX years, Gless still misses the martini.
Despite being calm for over six years, Gless still misses her martini.

The star suggested that in the scene, a useless cop was sitting on the floor, resting his head on the couch to avoid the dreaded “swirl” lying down.

Sharon Gless book cover

“From my personal experience, I knew that lying down while drunk would give the feeling of a spinning room.”

Gres, who once had a spell that failed at a rehab facility, said the drug she chose was primarily a martini.

She describes her passion for cocktails as “a love affair with a martini” and admits that she likes Jimmy Beam whiskey.

When death seemed to be an unavoidable result, she went to a cold turkey and began attending an anonymous conference of alcoholism — and she wrote that she has remained in the wagon ever since.

However, Gres confesses that she still has a longing for sake.

“I miss Hendrick’s dry martini. I stirred it without shaking. Every night. Still.”

Cagney & Lacey Sharon Gless: “Martini almost killed me”

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