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Fargo, North Dakota (AP) — The sale of North Dakota’s prime farmland to a group affiliated with Billgates raises sentiment towards the Great Depression law aimed at protecting family-owned farms. Questions were raised as to whether millionaires shared state values.

The Attorney General of the State asked the trust that acquired the land to explain how they plan to use the land to meet. Outlined rules With the state’s archaic anti-corporate farming law. With a few exceptions, all companies or limited liability companies are prohibited from owning or leasing farmland or ranches.

Drew Wrigley, Republican Attorney General in North Dakota, told The Associated Press Thursday. “It took off, it’s everywhere on earth, but it’s not that I’m sticking his finger in Bill Gates’ eyes. That’s not what this is.”

Meanwhile, Republican Doug Gering, a state agricultural commissioner, told North Dakota’s television station that many are being exploited by ultra-rich people who buy land but don’t necessarily share state values. He said he was feeling. Currently, Göring, who is on a state-sponsored trade mission to the United Kingdom, did not immediately respond to the list of questions emailed by AP.

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“I listened to this from the clear of the whole state, not even from its neighborhood,” Goering said. KFYR-TV. “They are upset, but there are others who are just fascinated by this.”

Charles V. Zelen, a spokesman for Gates investment firm, declined to comment on AP on Thursday.

Wrigley informs his office of the sale of farmland, in this case a $ 13.5 million real estate purchase by the Red River Trust in two counties from Campbell Farm, a wealthy potato producer in northeastern North Dakota. When asked, he said that corporate farming inquiries would be made “as a matter of course.” There was no answer to Campbell Farm.

“This is intended to help everyone understand what the ownership arrangements are and what their intentions for the land are,” Wrigley said. “If it complies with state law, the problem goes on. If not, you’ll be notified that you need to sell your land.”

Land is attached to “residential or commercial development, buildings, plants, facilities, industrial estates, or similar business or industrial locations of companies or limited liability companies, or adjacent non-agricultural land for the benefit of both parcels. “The law states.

This is not the first test of the enactment passed in 1932. 2018 Federal Judge Ruled the constitution After a conservative farm group claimed to impede interstate commerce by limiting producers’ business options and prohibiting out-of-state companies from engaging in the North Dakota farm industry.

North Dakota Republican Doug Burgum Former Microsoft Executive The campaign received $ 100,000 Microsoft co-founder Gates refused to comment on the sale of farmland when Blugum first won in 2016. The Republican governor stayed in the middle when he and the state legislature sought views on anti-community farming law. Expanded in 2019 Allow a second cousin with a combination of ownership.

“The governor has strong support for family-owned farms, cutting red tape that puts North Dakota farmers at a disadvantage compared to neighboring states, and ranchers and farmers succeed and grow their businesses. Let’s talk about helping the rural community prosper, “said spokesman Mike Nowatsuki.

Gates will be considered Individual owner of the largest agricultural land in the country According to last year’s Land Report 100 annual survey, there are approximately 269,000 acres of land in dozens of states, targeting the largest landowners in the country. He owns less than 1 percent of the country’s total agricultural land.

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Buying North Dakota Agricultural Land with Gates Stirs Emotions | National News

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