BTS band members and fans welcome the first Grammy nominations

Soul (AP)-K-POP band BTS was nominated for the first Grammy Awards. This is the long-awaited feat of South Korea’s act of reshaping the world’s pop world with record-breaking songs and well-mobilized fans.

Critics say Tuesday’s boy band nominations show its growing presence and influence in the mainstream US pop industry.

“K-POP, represented by BTS, has broken the mainstream of the mainstream Grammys,” said Kim Young-dae, a soul-based music critic and author of the book BTS: Review. .. He called the nomination “historical,” and said the band “opened up their own space and pushed themselves.”

The pandemic may have unexpectedly contributed to the long-awaited recognition from the Recording Academy.

“Before (pandemic), artists who went to the United States sang on radio stations, concerts, and live stages, but these have various restrictions, including time and space,” said Editor-in-Chief Kinto. Says. Online music magazine IZM. Kim said the band’s growing online presence during the pandemic could have contributed to global success and led to nominations through frequent social media interactions and paid virtual concerts. It was.

The band, consisting of J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jin and Jimin, competes for the best pop duo / group performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards with the all-English song “Dynamite” that surpasses the Billboard Hot. I will. 100 charts this year.

This year’s best pop duo / group performance, a highly competitive category, features artists such as Bon Iver’s Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande’s Lady Gaga. There is no K-pop category in this award, and recently the name of the best world music album category has been changed to the best global music album to be more “modern and comprehensive”. The academy said the new name “symbolizes a departure from the implications of colonialism, folklore and” non-Americans “that the previous term embodied.”

After the announcement, BTS uploaded a video to the official Twitter page with more than 30.9 million followers, showing that four members jumped off the couch and shouted “yes” to respond to the nomination. And “BTS!”

Band members have always expressed their hope of being nominated for a Grammy Award. J-Hope said at a press conference on his new album “BE” last week, “I want to cry if I get an award in the (group-related) category.”

The most popular boy band in the world, who was familiar with the Grammy Awards, went on stage as an award presenter and performer in less than a minute with Lil Nas X and others at the last award ceremony.

However, the Recording Academy nomination was the first Korean act to surpass the Billboard Hot 100 chart, breaking multiple records at ceremonies such as the MTV Video Music Awards and American Music Awards for years. Avoided the inter-band. Humble debut in 2013.

Their enthusiastic fans around the world, known as ARMY, have been driving Grammy nominations for years.

Fans say late nominations make them feel like they’re being watched.

“When I was testing, I wanted to know if I passed, and I finally got the result that I passed, it’s like achieving that, but it’s 20 times more influential.” Said college student Divisha Deepti Fiji in a video interview.

Another Army fan working as a communications officer, Marian Rockington, said many of her fellow fans were up late for the announcement and their fan group chat subsequently “exploded.” I did.

The 2021 Grammy Awards will air on January 31st.

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BTS band members and fans welcome the first Grammy nominations

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