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Brooklyn ripped-off cattle find home in sanctuary | Brooklyn

For the Black Angus calves, the Canal Sea cows, the week started on their way to the slaughterhouse and ended on the way to settling into their new homes. new jersey farm.

After she escaped the truck that transported her from a farm in Pennsylvania To certain death at Sabah Live Poultry in Canarsie, brooklyn, she rampaged through the streets. A slaughterhouse employee and a nearby pizzeria employee tried to catch up with her in a chase that lasted several minutes.

The released calves were eventually subdued and taken to the slaughterhouse, but the owner of the Skylands Game Reserve and animal rights advocate who has a habit of rescuing livestock of rebels. I found a hero in one Mike Stura.

Stura secured the cow’s release after a three-hour phone call with the farm owner and the manager of Gothamist-owned Saba Live Poultry. explained as “tension”.Stula did not comment on the exact method He signed a deal — he doesn’t want to reveal his methods — but has made it clear that he won’t pay for any animals. (Saba employees declined to comment.)

“Paying money would backfire on my goals,” Stula, who is vegan, told The Guardian. Can I become a person and pay at the same time?”

The cow, whom Stura names when she gets a sense of her personality, will spend the rest of her life at Skylands, a New Jersey animal shelter where more than 400 animals live together on 232 acres of pasture. Visitors can go on a day trip or stay at a bed and breakfast on the farm and meet other celebrity farm animals like Freddie. slaughterhouse escapee Briana made headlines after jumping out of a cage in Queens, and Brianna jumped off a transport truck speeding down Route 80 near Paterson, New Jersey.

Stura made plans to meet with the truck driver who will transport the cattle for the handover on Wednesday morning. He drove her car three hours to Pennsylvania to pick her up. When he got there, the driver was nowhere to be found. “I was there at two o’clock in the afternoon and I was sitting in my truck like an idiot,” he said. I think I did it,’ he said.

However, “five minutes before the show started,” a truck driver called Stura. He was at their meeting place. Stura immediately drove off and had the cows back in his Skylands by Thursday lunch.

When they get to the farm, the cow goes into quarantine and waits for the veterinarian to check on her. Give her the OK and the cows will enter the pasture’s general population. I doubt it.

“My guess is she’ll be ecstatic to see them, and I know any group she joins will fly around like crazy,” he said. I love to welcome them.The cows are very curious.”

An escaped cow en route to its eternal home in Skyland. Photo: Mike Stura

What makes cows decide to run? “I think animals know when to be slaughtered, but more animals become too petrified to shut down,” Stura said. say. “There are some people who say, ‘I have to go, I have to go,’ and when they find a way out, they just run away. I think they are different – ​​they are more fighters than smart. And I realize it’s always a pain in the neck that rescues me, they’re kind of freethinkers, they have something they can run on instead of just standing .”

Stura said he’s not a “typical” animal rights advocate. “I’m a truck driver and he weighs 240 pounds and is a Harley-Davidson guy,” he explained. “I’m not a peace and love, hippie kind of person. I’m not good enough to be one of them.”

That’s one of the reasons he felt compelled to save the cow, even though it was the worst possible time for him. The day Stura left for Pennsylvania to pick up the cow, his girlfriend was in the hospital for a planned operation. “I hate it, but for the past thirteen years, I haven’t been without animals,” he said. .)

So what’s next for cows? “Hopefully she lives another 20 years and dies of old age,” Stula said. “You should see these animals when they thrive. You’ll never believe it’s the same they escaped in the first place.” Brooklyn ripped-off cattle find home in sanctuary | Brooklyn

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