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Brooklyn pastor pleads for sympathy after sermon robbery, won’t talk about debt

Brooklyn pastor held at gunpoint with expensive jewelry lashed out at the media Even on Friday, he declined to answer questions about people he said owed him money, citing delving into his criminal and financial history in the wake of the traumatic incident.

They include parishioners claiming The pending lawsuit not only included Whitehead billing her for her life savings, but also the developer who sold him a $1.6 million house in New Jersey.

No New Jersey verdict has ever been reported.

Bishop Lamore Whitehead said he wanted more sympathy after three armed robbers broke into Canalsey Church during Sunday’s sermon.

Three masked men dressed in black are said to have robbed Whitehead and his wife of hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry.

“My wife hasn’t stopped crying. I said it outside of the Leaders of Tomorrow International Church. “Nobody sympathizes with my church!”

At one point, a stream of tears streamed as Whitehead described the helplessness he felt at being unable to protect his family and parishioners.

“I was looking at my daughter with a gun…in her face.” Whitehead said. Because it is possible.”

He urged ministers, including those with criminal records, to be legally allowed to carry firearms for self-defense.

Without naming the news outlet, Whitehead also said investigating his finances reeked of racism.

“Why do we always have to tear black men apart?” “As soon as a black man wears a bespoke suit, he becomes a criminal.”

incident continues

Thursday, THE CITY report The Whitehead was the subject of a lawsuit filed last year by former church member Pauline Anderson, who claims he persuaded her to invest $90,000 of her retirement savings in one of his companies. The transfer of funds was so she could help him buy and renovate a home despite her poor credit history, court documents say.

The lawsuit, filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, alleges that Whitehead failed to pay Anderson $100 a month for living expenses in early 2021 and did not provide updates on the search for her home. He claimed he was too busy because he was campaigning for Brooklyn mayor, the lawsuit alleges.

In a text message filed in evidence, Whitehead allegedly told Anderson that he considered any money paid to him a “donation” unless it was attached to a contract.

“I was making investments, that’s what I do!” Whitehead allegedly texted, according to court documents.

Whitehead at Friday’s press conference.

Asked on Friday whether he did what was alleged in the case, Whitehead said he could not speak about it but said the allegations were “fictitious.” has not submitted a response.

He also said he “won” in the case without specifying what it was.

On Friday, a judge rejected Anderson’s bid to secure a default judgment against Whitehead, Kings County Supreme Court records show.

Whitehead, who shares a close relationship with Mayor Eric Adams, owes more than $260,000 resulting from the 2009 Manhattan Supreme Court. judgement Unpaid personal loans are also related to the home purchase, according to plaintiffs’ attorneys.

He served five years in Sing Sing Prison after being convicted of identity theft and grand theft in April 2008.

Shortly after his arrest, a 2006 New Jersey search warrant found a stolen 9mm handgun and body armor. report in the New York Post at the time.

outstanding funds

When THE CITY visited Whitehead’s home in Paramus, New Jersey earlier this week, there was a $4.5 million mortgage default notice taped to the front door for a property in Hartford, Connecticut.

New Jersey court and property records show that the Paramus home itself is tied to another ongoing debt collection effort.

The home of Bishop Lamar Miller Whitehead in Paramus, New Jersey, July 28, 2022.

In May 2021, a Bergen County Superior Court judge said: judgement After the Hackensack-based family-owned developer sued Whitehead over money he owed them in connection with the sale of his $1.6 million new home in 2019. Over $335,000 was sought against Whitehead.

A lawsuit filed by Associated Construction USA in November 2020 alleges that Whitehead “fraudulently persuaded” a New Jersey-based company to issue a $126,000 short-term loan and accept $164,000 in business checks. claims.

The check bounced and Whitehead failed to repay the debt in the months that followed, plaintiffs claimed in the court complaint, to which Whitehead did not respond. New Jersey debt records show that Whitehead has yet to repay the company.

The attorney who filed the complaint on behalf of Associated Construction and the individual named as the company executive in Whitehead’s deed did not respond to requests for comment.

Whitehead’s attorneys declined to answer questions about the New Jersey construction company prior to publication and said they would not comment on litigation matters.

At the press conference, Whitehead praised the NYPD officials’ handling of the robbery.

According to Whitehead, Adams was among those who offered Whitehead assistance since Sunday’s robbery.

He said the two spoke sometime between Thursday and Friday.

“He encouraged me to keep my head strong,” said Whitehead.

Brooklyn pastor pleads for sympathy after sermon robbery, won’t talk about debt

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