Brooklyn Navy Yard honors neighborhood in new public space

At Wegmans Opened New York City’s first store so Brooklyn Navy Yard In October 2019, it quickly brought a new public dimension to the city-owned modern industrial park.

Currently, the only fully open section of the booming Navy Yard is ready to begin welcoming even more visitors from the neighborhood and beyond.

The huge 75,000-square-foot luxury Wegmans supermarket is an anchor retail tenant in a six-building complex managed by a development company. Steiner New York In the section known as Admiral’s Row — but it may be called Navy Yard Square.

Now, after five years of construction and painstaking restoration, developer Doug Steiner has four different buildings located around the gourmet market parking lot, with a total of 80,000 square feet of store space and 5,200 square feet of store space. Started marketing community use space.

Rendering of the restored Captain House
The 19th century Captain’s House is dedicated to the use of community / non-profit organizations.

Two of the buildings are restorations of historic buildings over 100 years old. The Captain’s House, a three-story mansion built in 1850, will be used for community / non-commercial purposes after a $ 8 million restoration.

A few steps away, the Timbershed building, built in 1853, had a ship mast built for more than half a century, but under a 37-degree sloping roof ceiling, without 7,100-square-foot pillars. There is retail space. In the nave of the church. An oversized arched wooden window with a cedar shutter faces the tree-lined plaza.
The atmospheric structure has collapsed and had to be completely rebuilt using materials recovered from the original structure.

The rest of the new retail space is 3 Flushing Ave. Included in two new ground buildings known as and 25 Navy St. Admirals Row, there is also a 365,000-square-foot light industrial space leased by Steiner to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Development Corp. A four-story garage designated as Building 303.

Rosette molding restored at Captain's House
Architectural details of Captain’s House.

Steiner’s name is looming over the yard for his Steiner studio, a 780,000-square-foot complex of Hollywood’s largest ultra-modern film and television production facilities. “Boardwalk Empire”, “Sex and the city“And” Marvelous Mrs. Maisel “are some of the projects filmed there.

But he’s also spending $ 300 million on the Admirals Row project. He states: “The Navy Shipyard wanted a supermarket in its place for 15 to 20 years, Wegman.[s] It’s a dream supermarket.

“For us, the more open the navy yard is, the better. The yard has reached a level of brand awareness that has never been seen before. It’s a true hub of the city’s creative economy, with a concentration of great old buildings. It’s also cool thanks to being there. “

In addition to supporting a thriving courier service, Steiner is confident that retail space will be as successful as Wegmans, which has 50,000 customers a week. Shoppers can enter Sand Street and Navy Street, as well as the Admiral’s Row area on Flushing Avenue. Lipco’s Jason Pennington is a leasing agent.

Meanwhile, Navy Yard’s $ 2.5 billion expansion master plan aims to increase the total number of employees in the field from the current 12,000 to 20,000 over the next few years.

Last year, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation reported that it had signed a commercial lease agreement of over 160,000 square feet, despite the pandemic.

Exterior timber hut
The Timbershed building offers 7,100 square feet for retail use.

The yard, where the powerful World War II battleships were launched, today has several dry docks that reflect its ocean origin, but primarily from body armor to modular apartment building components, the world’s largest. There is a company that manufactures everything up to organic vegetables Roof farm

Developed by Rudin and Boston Properties, the 675,000-square-foot office tower, Dock 72, is the latest landmark in the yard at the recently opened NYC ferry terminal.

Steiner also modernized the 18-acre section of the yard, eventually known as the Navy Annex, a collection of ghostly-looking early 20th-century buildings that were once used as hospitals and promotional filmmaking facilities. And plans to convert to a media complex.

Brooklyn Navy Yard honors neighborhood in new public space

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