Brooklyn Beckham aims to become latest celebrity chef from across the pond

Brooklyn Beckham has now launched a career as a chef. The London-born son of ex-soccer player David Beckham and Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham is aiming to be the latest British celebrity chef in the US.

Beckham already has a social media cooking show on Facebook and Instagram entitled “Cookin’ with Brooklyn”.

However, Beckham, who was named Brooklyn after his mother Victoria discovered she was pregnant when she was staying in New York, may struggle as a chef as he has no formal culinary training.

Beckham’s cooking show was widely mocked after it was revealed that the series had been bankrolled with a budget of $100,000 and he required a team of 62 professionals to help him show viewers how to make a sandwich.

He certainly has a long way to go to match the achievements of Gordon Ramsay. The Scotsman is probably the most famous British chef and is well-known in the US for his hit TV shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

Alongside his restaurants and TV shows, Ramsay has a string of product endorsements that demonstrate the popularity of cooking. This has coincided with a boom in officially franchised slots and casino games based on well-known celebrities, and this boom has led to increased competition among these online casino sites. The celebrity chef is a popular figure and his slot game is no different. Customers can pick one of these offers to play the “Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen” slot, but mercifully will not face the wrath of the fiery Scotsman. Beckham has his own brand, but Ramsay can back this up with world-class culinary skills.

Ramsay’s cooking skills are beyond dispute. His restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars over the years and he is widely recognized as one of the most famous chefs in the world. His TV show Hell’s Kitchen is named after the Manhattan neighborhood in New York City. Contestants in the reality show face their own personal version of kitchen hell as they try to impress Ramsay.

Brooklyn Beckham is unlikely to take on the Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen challenge. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see more of him in the kitchen and if he doesn’t succeed there is no shortage of other careers for him to try.

But others are not spared his criticism. Ramsay is also a judge on MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, which see amateur chefs face a series of cooking challenges. Perhaps Brooklyn Beckham would benefit from participation in the show, though he would no doubt face harsh criticism from Ramsay, who is known for shooting from the hip. Would Beckham be brave enough to put his culinary skills to the test?

Beckham is no stranger to mockery after his first book of photography was widely criticized for the poor quality of the photos. His career as a footballer was also short-lived and after his modeling career stalled, he has now decided to turn his hand to cooking.

Beckham did appear on The Late, Late Show, which is hosted by his friend and fellow Englishman James Corden, where he cooked steak frites. However, there has been criticism that he got the gig due to his name rather than his cooking skills.

How long will Beckham stick at cooking? Will this become just another fad before he becomes bored and moves on to the next one?

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