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Bronx public housing playground still closed after Adams vowed to open

On Monday, Mayor Eric Adams vowed to reopen “soon” a playground inside the Bronx public housing complex that was closed in early 2019 due to drug trafficking in the area, but four days later, the kids’ park remains open. Still closed and not ready. According to the city hall, it is open for business.

“I don’t agree with the idea that someone commits a crime on a playground and wants to punish children,” Adams said at a press conference earlier in the week. “That is unacceptable.”

“And those that are closed because of illegal activity will be opened soon,” he added.

his promise came in a few days Reported by THE CITY The playground at the Morrisania Air Lights Tower has been padlocked for three years and has no plans to reopen.

But on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the New York City Department of Housing said the department isn’t even close to actually reopening the bemused playground on Park Avenue.

NYCHA spokesperson Rochel Leah Goldblatt said the park “has a history of thriving drug activity in the past, and police presence and cameras were installed at night to ensure the safety of the community.” will be needed,” he said.

Officials at the housing agency plan to do a “walk-through” of the space “to assess any necessary repairs and schedule them if necessary,” she added.

The playground had been closed for so long that some tenants and elected officials were unaware that it had been ordered closed by the NYPD.

Adams said officers should never close playgrounds.

“Playgrounds are not closed because of illegal activity,” he said at a news conference Monday. “We are going to right the wrongdoing.”

The police department has repeatedly denied requests for comment on the closure.

jump over aging hoops

The complex’s longtime tenants have welcomed the potential reopening.

“I see parents and kids walking home,” said Jared Vance, 27, who plays basketball on the courts of the 161st Street complex.

Another resident, Sam Santiago, 35, said the sprinklers were the reason he took his 8-year-old daughter, Angelica, to a nearby public park and the Jackson House playground across the street. .

“There are several options,” he pointed out. ’ But that’s crazy. Because they aren’t trying to get it done.

Starting August 2, 2022, parents will use the Jackson House playground from the one in the nearby Morrisania Air Lights tower.

The Bronx apartment complex has four other playgrounds. One was closed due to a sinkhole, but appears to have partially reopened with construction nearing completion. Another facility reopened on May 27 after being closed due to unsafe conditions.

last summer, THE CITY showed One expert recommended burying the structure in the sea.

“It’s what’s barged out and dumped into the sea to form a reef,” he said. Tom Thompsona playground safety consultant based in Issaquah, Washington.

He pointed out that playgrounds built before 1991 do not meet industry standards under federal safety guidelines and should be replaced.

Morrisania’s closed locations are just two of the 98 New York City Housing Authority playgrounds currently closed due to unsafe conditions.For decades, NYCHA has Failed to repair old playground equipment.

An overwhelming majority of 48 people are said to have been shut down for “Sandy’s recovery and resilience work,” according to NYCHA.

Twenty more are closed for renovations, and another 30 are closed for repairs in nearby buildings and neighborhoods, according to housing authorities.

Some of the closed places have been in decline for years with no plans for repairs.

This includes the Marlborough House playground in Gravesend, Brooklyn. equipment has been removed Never replaced in 2018.

Scheduling play days

A spokesperson for Adams deferred all questions about the public housing playground to NYCHA on Thursday.

Monday, like Adams Former Mayor Bill de Blasiopledged to develop a “comprehensive plan” to overhaul the city’s closed and dilapidated playgrounds that had been neglected for years.

“So we’re going to do an analysis of all closed playgrounds,” Adams told reporters. “I’ll find out why, and I’ll get a timetable for when they’ll open.”

NYCHA records show multiple locations with no estimated completion date or estimated cost, so it’s still unresolved.

As for playgrounds operated by the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation, a spokeswoman for the department said she did not know how many of its 1,000 playgrounds have been closed at the NYPD’s request.

“Playground closures by/in coordination with the PD are not being tracked by us,” Park Service spokesperson Crystal Howard said. “This kind of closure tends to be fluid. and may not be shared with us if it is temporary.”

Overall, records show that 36 Park Service playgrounds were closed for repairs as of June 21.

Bronx public housing playground still closed after Adams vowed to open

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