British woman testifies about care by Ghislaine Maxwell

New York (AP)-British female testified on Monday: Ghislaine Maxwell Pressured she When she was still a teenager, she gave Jeffrey Epstein a sexual massage, ensuring she was “fun” with him.

The woman testified in Maxwell’s sexual abuse trial in New York City using the pseudonym “Kate” to protect her privacy, but in the mid-1990s at Palm Beach, Epstein, Florida. I explained a certain episode. Maxwell Omitting schoolgirl costumes in pleated skirts she Wear for financial firms.

“I thought it would be fun to drink Jeffrey’s tea in this outfit,” the Witness recalled. Maxwell Tell she..

After a subsequent sexual encounter, a British social celebrity said, “I asked me if I enjoyed it.” she, “You are a very good girl” she Said.

The witness was the second female to oppose the witness Maxwell In a federal court in Manhattan. But unlike the first one she Was of consent age in the United Kingdom and the United States she Sexual contact with EpsteinSo the judge banned she From the details of a particular sexual activity.

Maxwell, 59, rejected billing she 14 year old well-maintained girl Epstein, Suicide in prison in 2019. she Lawyers say the government is making she Scapegoating EpsteinSuspicion of sex crimes.

The woman who testified on Monday said she met Maxwell At the age of 17 through her friend she I was dating repeatedly and wanted to make friends with British social celebrities. Maxwell Said Her Epstein, after that she My boyfriend was a philanthropist who could help she When she Song career, she Said.

Maxwell Said again she that Epstein Regarding sexual massage, he said, “It’s very difficult to catch up,” and he was “strictly demanding.” his Necessity, the witness said.After agreeing to give he Massage in London, she Later I flew on a commercial flight to Florida. she He said the interaction would continue if: she I was 18 years old.

MaxwellAttitude was “almost like a high school girl” she Said. “Everything was fun. Everything was like a fun and ridiculous joke.”

she Said she Resisted “withdrawal” from Maxwell When Epstein “I was afraid and witnessed how connected they were.” she Said.

I was asked about what I wanted to testify anonymously, she Said, “I have so much humiliation and shame around what happened” and wanted to protect she child.

During the cross-examination, Maxwell’s lawyer allowed the Witnesses to admit the following cases: she Was talking publicly about Epstein When Maxwell using she Real name. she Also asked if she History of Affected Substance and Alcohol Abuse she memory.

“It doesn’t affect the memory I always had.” she Said.

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British woman testifies about care by Ghislaine Maxwell

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