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British diver rescued from cave in 2018 reunites with young Thai athlete | Thai cave rescue

british diver who helped rescue Twelve members of a caved-in Thai youth soccer team in 2018 rejoiced to see one of their players first-hand graduate from a prestigious New York high school.

Rick Stanton – The diver who helped save the Wildboars football team. trap It made headlines around the world for more than two weeks, reporting that Salmon was reunited with one of the rescued children, Adul Samon, when Salmon graduated from Masters School, a preparatory school in the suburbs of New York City in mid-June. institution Also ABC News.

At the school’s request, Stanton delivered a commencement address to the graduates, according to ABC’s recent report. And Stanton was on stage when Samon, who played soccer for the Master School team, received his diploma.

According to ABC, Stanton said of Samon, “In a way, I’m very proud of the fact that I was partly responsible for his life.” “And we got to see him make the most of the opportunities that came his way.”

Samon said it was “just unbelievable” that Stanton’s intervention gave him the opportunity to finish prep school and attend Middlebury College in Vermont when he fought for his life five years ago alongside his Wildboars teammates.

“This is a miracle,” Samon said. “I never thought I would come this far and sit here in the United States.”

The WildBoars and coach took a scheduled one-hour trip to Tamulangnannon Cave in northern Thailand after practice on June 23, 2018.

The team did not bring food or water as the expedition was expected to be very short. However, heavy rains that accompany Thailand’s summer monsoon season made their outing even longer. flooded and blocked way out of the cave.

The team spent more than a week relying on “a drop of fresh water and hope to get out of the cave alive,” ABC reports. As thousands of people from all over the world arrived to search for the group, coaches and players attempted to escape the tunnel with their bare hands.

Mr Stanton, a firefighter from Coventry who has made a name for himself as one of Britain’s top cave divers, was among those who went to the cave. He quickly leads a team on a mission to enter the cave and search for boar tracks.

The mission, led by Stanton, eventually found wild boars swarming on a small ledge in a vast cave system room on July 2, 2018. Stanton and his colleagues gave the wild boars medicine and foil blankets, then led them to the ground for three days, culminating on July 10, 2018.

People around the world marveled at the success of the dangerous rescue operation, which at one point cost Thailand’s elite divers their lives. died from lack of air He worked to provide oxygen cylinders for the wild boars after they were spotted and before they were driven away.

In the aftermath, many learned that Sammon was one of the few boys in the Wildboars who could speak English. Teammates also talked about how he emerged as the leader of the team in an era when destiny was at stake.

After that, Samon received a full scholarship from his master’s course to study there and became the captain of the football team.

Masters School principal Laura Danforth said it was an easy decision for her institution to adopt Salmon, according to ABC.

“When I heard about his work ethic and what he was like in the cave, what he was like before and after, I knew he would be fine here,” Danforth told ABC.

Salmon said his experience during and after his ordeal in the boar cave taught him that “in order to survive, we have to keep adapting to the environment we are in.”

“I have to keep adapting my life,” he told ABC. British diver rescued from cave in 2018 reunites with young Thai athlete | Thai cave rescue

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