Brian Ortega-Yair Rodriguez on UFC Long Island is an amazing disappointment

When Yair Rodriguez arrives in the cage, he knows that fight fans are expecting something unexpected.

But to be honest, who could have expected a kinetic kicker from Mexico? Brian Ortega to win the tap-out terrorist victory Was the headliner a shame when the UFC first visited UBS Arena on Saturday afternoon?

To be sure, the fighters themselves, who Rodriguez knew about their talents for years and described them as “buddies” who stood in the featherweight division, did not inevitably fight.

Almost five years after the Nassau Coliseum was first (and last) electrified by its native son, Chris Weidman, rather than a fan of MMA leader Long Island.

Same as above for home viewers tuned to ABC for the rare MMA Matinee. Most of them estimated that Rodriguez’s featherweight title against Ortega was guaranteed fireworks.

And for some time, that action was on the way to achieving hype. The fist flew. Rodriguez’s deadly leg has loosened. Ortega took down in the second half of the opening frame and brought the match to his world.

Brian Ortega, right, injured his shoulder in the first round.

And it was all revealed. Ortega escaped from Armbar’s attempt and dislocated his shoulder in an attempt to overtake Rodriguez’s foot. It is not a typical result of such a obedience attack. The previous two title challengers who refused to quit despite a total of 504-198 serious strike deficits in these championship matches quickly doubled in pain. Fight.

Was it an “abnormal accident” when Ortega dubbed the finish at the post-match show? More or less.

Was it a legitimate victory for Rodriguez? Did Rodriguez’s actions directly lead to injury? More or less.

“That’s terrible,” UFC President Dana White later told reporters about the nature of the ending. “It’s a rough sport, and these things happen.”

Rodriguez was said to win his first shot in UFC Gold throughout the week if he defeated Ortega. However, nothing is written in the document, and unfortunate circumstances have previously terminated such plans.

Both men were interested in the rematch and felt forced to compete for a more specific answer to the question of which was the better £ 145. Ideally, Rodriguez prefers to raise his stake next time.

“I told him this. I want to do it for the championship, not for this situation,” Rodriguez told reporters on Saturday. “If you and I are going to fight again, hopefully we will fight for the title.”

Yair Rodriguez on the left is hugging Brian Ortega after the battle.
Yair Rodriguez on the left is hugging Brian Ortega after the battle.
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Champion Alexander Volkanovski is also staring at the long layoffs needed to heal his broken right hand in the July 2 title defense. At this stage, it is unclear whether Volkanovksi or Ortega will be the first to prepare.

Where will it leave Rodriguez, a victim of unfortunate timing in the past, who has only competed twice since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic? He plays the guy in the company and leaves it to the UFC Brass.

If White’s reaction to Rodriguez v Josh Emmett’s provisional belt tilt proposal (which has become regular after many years of shortage) is a sign, the 29-year-old from Mexico will eventually shoot the title. … Some kind.

Such a fight will solve the backlog issue of the division after the high-ranked featherweight Emmet, who won five straight games last month, and his team is dissatisfied with the lack of promotion as a potential enemy of Volkanovksi this month. Was announced.

“Wow, that’s pretty good,” said Rodriguez, who was intrigued by the idea of ​​the interim championship. “I don’t know what to say to it. Whatever they want to do, I want to do whatever they want to do. The ideal fight would be Volkanovski, but he’s out. So no matter what Dana says, I guess. “

Brian Ortega-Yair Rodriguez on UFC Long Island is an amazing disappointment

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