Boxed Democrats cannot withdraw from fateful proceedings for fear of further damage to Biden

Democrats are confused about the next move of President Biden’s plan to rewrite the country’s voting law after blasting filibuster and gaining public support. Senate The Democratic Party broke.

Lawmakers say it is impossible for Mr. Biden to withdraw from the fight after defeating a long-standing rule of filibuster that requires 60 votes for most bills to survive.

“Many of us Senate I pledge allegiance to the president and his agenda, “said a Democrat who demanded anonymity about the dynamics within the party. “He went out on his limbs. We can’t leave him alone. It looks like the Democratic Parliament has abandoned the Democratic President and the Democratic agenda.”

Since the 2020 elections, Democrats have argued that federal action is needed to combat the many new voting laws in Republican-run states. Last year, the Democratic Party tried more than three times to pass a bill that overturns the new state’s election law, calling for election security measures such as voter ID requirements and restrictions on mailing votes.

Democratic efforts gained unanimous support within the party, but the bill failed to get the 60 votes needed to overcome the Republican filibuster 50-50. Senate.. Instead of giving up the fight, Democrats have begun fishing to blow up filibusters using so-called “nuclear options.”

“Members of this chamber of commerce were elected to discuss and vote, especially on issues that are just as essential to the beating heart of our democracy.” Senate Majority leader Charles E. Schumer, Democratic Party of New York.

Efforts have always been a long way, but Biden sincerely accepted the cause.The president lobbyed parliamentarians privately and publicly, even going to the Capitol and giving a speech. Senate Direct Democrat.

Biden also tried to take advantage of the president’s bully Palpit, visiting Georgia earlier this week to introduce the state’s new voter law as a tool to “deprive Republicans of the rights of those who vote against”. Emphasized.

“Do you want to be on the side of the doctor? [Martin Luther] King or George Corley Wallace? Which side would you like to be, Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis, “Biden said. “This is the moment when we decide to defend our elections and our democracy.”

All of Mr. Biden’s political capital has been wasted.The White House needed all 50 Senate Agree to change SenateLong-standing rules and traditions regarding filibuster.

The feat turned out to be impossible. Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced opposition Thursday, effectively ruining his efforts. She promised to support Biden’s efforts to overturn the state’s election law, but she said doing so at the expense of filibuster would only encourage a “disease of division.” rice field.

“Eliminating the 60-vote threshold only guarantees the loss of the key tools needed to protect democracy,” she said.

Announcement made just before Mr. Biden gave a speech in a special session Senate The democratic Caucus threw Capitol Hill into turmoil.

Schumer Senate Immediately after the president’s visit, discussions on the two party voting bills will begin. The ultimate goal is to schedule a vote to blow up the filibuster after the bill fails.

Instead, the schedule has been discarded. Schumer continued to vote on Russian sanctions for more than six hours, discussing how the Democrats could move forward behind the scenes.

In the end, Schumer postponed the legislator and promised to return him next week to discuss the voting bill and keep a record of all the senators in the case of filibuster.

“If voting rights are the basis of our democracy, how can we conscientiously tolerate a situation where Republicans can discuss and pass voter oppression at the state level,” Schumer said. rice field. “In the next few days, we will face this cool question and all members will be on record.”

Legislative experts question the feasibility of the strategy. It’s understandable that the Democrats want to support Mr Biden, but they say it’s not feasible at this point because the defeat is pre-determined.

“There is no doubt that the Democrats overestimated their hands,” the former said. Senate Majority leader Trent Lott. “They are how close their homes are, especially Senate … The wise thing is to pivot and move on to other subjects, but all the subjects are bad — inflation is high, immigration is confused, and supply chain crises are scandalous. “

Mr Biden’s domestic policy issues, coupled with his $ 1.75 trillion social welfare and the end of the climate change package last year, are certainly influential. Democrats abandoning another White House priority, especially when his approval rate dropped to 33% among voters in recent polls, helped Biden and him elect him in the first place. It is unfair to all people.

“I think this is a battle we have to do as a nation, even if the results I like aren’t guaranteed,” said Senator Tim Kaine of the Democratic Party of Virginia. “Presidents and leaders of all kinds are valued by those they are willing to fight.”

The complicated problem is that while the Democrats are worried about the political implications of abandoning Mr Biden, he is advocating a review of voting laws. This is an increasingly important issue for the party’s foundation.

“Democrats should definitely force a vote on this issue,” said Democratic political strategist Colin Strosa. “Voting rights is an ongoing hot topic, [Democratic] National primary elections. “

Boxed Democrats cannot withdraw from fateful proceedings for fear of further damage to Biden

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