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Borough Mayor Vanessa Gibson confides in lack of Bronx COVID business relief

New York — Hundreds of applications to get small business loans the bronx Denied by the city during the pandemic.

Only a handful of loans were executed compared to many. manhattanCBS2 has learned a lot about fallout, protests and the search for solutions.

Dugout owner Tyrone Robinson said: “I actually had to leave.

Robinson attributed his loss of business to bad politics, government bureaucracy, and COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease)These factors forced him to stay away from the bar directly across the street yankee stadium.

The place he opened in 2004 was recently taken over by someone else.

“I tried every trail,” said Robinson.

He says he was repeatedly denied grants and loans throughout the pandemic.

Debt ballooned to $500,000, including overdue rent, and applications were repeatedly rejected.

“I had several excuses. One was that my business didn’t exist. Another was that I submitted too many applications. I mean,” Robinson said.

Now, in two new audits by city auditor Brad Lander, he has been awarded two COVID-19 assistance programs for “interest-free loans” and “partial payroll subsidies” by the Small Business Services Authority. I learned that “inappropriate supervision” was revealed.

The Bronx got the smallest piece of the pie when the city mobilized in 2020, keeping thousands of local businesses alive.

“This is a reminder of some of the gaps and flaws in the service.” Bronx Mayor Vanessa Gibson Said.

Gibson said what pissed her off about the auditor’s audit was the finding that Manhattan got more than its fair share. , and 2.2% in the Bronx.

Part of the problem, according to Landers’ office, was that hundreds of loans and thousands of grants were offered on a first-come, first-served basis, which may have favored Manhattan’s more business-savvy businesses.

“I have friends who have bars all over Manhattan, and they’re all still doing well,” Robinson said.

“We will right this wrong. We will not accept that our business in the Bronx is unfairly altered, ignored and denied opportunities,” Gibson added.

Gibson aims to recover funds for wrongfully denied owners in 2020.

The auditor recommended a secondary review of all applications to ensure staff members were following procedures and correctly determining eligibility. Borough Mayor Vanessa Gibson confides in lack of Bronx COVID business relief

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