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Boat hits house on Lake Ozark, 8 injured

Several people were injured when a boat crashed into a home on Lake Ozark, Missouri, just before midnight on Saturday, officials said.

Missouri Highway Patrol said six of the eight people on board were seriously injured, including the driver Adam Ramirez, 47, of Huntington Beach, Calif.

Ramirez was arrested on suspicion of rowing a boat while intoxicated after the accident. If convicted, he faces a $500 fine and jail time.

The remaining seven passengers, three men and four women, ranged in age from 21 to 51. Officials said none of the crash victims were wearing life jackets at the time of the crash.

Photos released by the Missouri Highway Patrol showed damage to the home.

Part of the brick façade was destroyed, the roof was partially damaged, and the rear deck appeared to be destroyed.

The home owner was sleeping indoors at the time of the accident, but was not injured. Boat hits house on Lake Ozark, 8 injured

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