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Bloomfield College students use art to help transform downtown, attract new business owners

bloomfield, new jersey — new initiatives are underway bloomfield, new jersey Attract more businesses, both large and small, to the region.

Township hopes to work with college students to turn empty storefronts into pop-up art displays to attract entrepreneurs.

An empty downtown storefront at 625 Bloomfield Avenue is decorated with a variety of winter-themed art, including reindeer and stars by students.

“We want people to be driving and not just looking out a window in the sky, but looking at some kind of life,” says Edwin Ayala, a senior at Bloomfield College. increase.

“We had a number of vacant stores and wanted to take the opportunity to work with a partner like Bloomfield College to beautify the store with artwork,” said Bloomfield Center Alliance Director Orin Lettman.

Their ultimate goal is to bring attention to these spaces in hopes of finding entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in the area as new residential developments progress.

“We just want to cover some of these storefronts with artwork in hopes of attracting entrepreneurs and business owners who want to occupy the space,” Lettman said.

Elizabeth Seton, an art professor at Bloomfield College, said the initiative will allow students to showcase their work in a way never before possible.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to connect with the town itself,” Seaton said.

Her students say it’s also a way to feel more connected to the community.

Bloomfield College senior Synciere Amons said: “Even the little things you don’t think are important can make a difference.”

“Having lived here for five years, it was a very unique opportunity to enrich the environment and community in this area,” Bloomfield senior Taylor Galyan said.

As the wait for new business at 625 Bloomfield Avenue continues, the Bloomfield Center Alliance hopes to find another storefront for the new artwork by spring. Bloomfield College students use art to help transform downtown, attract new business owners

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