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Black History Month City Hall: Unite for Our Future

New York (WABC)-Looking back at the achievements of Americans during Black History Month, we evaluate where our country is now.

How much progress have we made, and what is the future of racial relations with African Americans?

Last year, the inequality was wide, showing that pain is real. But there are reasons for new hope and optimism.

Witness news speaks with people who are helping to close the gap in our racial, educational and social justice and connect what connects us.

Join Black History Month Town Hall: United for Hour Future on Tuesday at 4pm. You can watch it on ABC7NY and our connected TV app.


Marvin Amazon: 27-year-old community activist and school teacher. Encourage residents (especially young people) to become more civilally involved.

Ronald Charisan: Executive Director of Newark Trust. He is committed to developing, coordinating and concentrating ideas, resources and expertise to expand opportunities for all Newark children and improve academic and socio-emotional outcomes.

Dr. Karil Muhammad: Professor of Harvard Kennedy School History, Race, Public Policy and Professor Suzanne Young Murray.

Jennifer Jones Austin: Chief Executive Officer of the Protestant Welfare Agency Federation. She is a fourth-generation leader in faith and social justice and an advocate for children and families.

Jessica Jackson: Political activist and minister Jesse Jackson’s niece.

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Black History Month City Hall: Unite for Our Future

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