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Bishop Lamor Whitehead sued by a New York woman who says he stole her lifesaving

A Brooklyn minister, robbed of $ 1 million worth of jewels while preaching, is being sued by a former congregation who claims he has escaped her from saving her life, details of court documents.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead promised Paulin Anderson to use her cash to buy and renovate her home, but never obeyed, Anderson filed in the Brooklyn Supreme Court in September. Insist on.

To insult the injuries, the proceedings alleged that Whitehead had purchased a $ 4.4 million palace home on the outskirts of New Jersey, and could repay Anderson, 56, of her $ 100,000 savings. He said he couldn’t.

Anderson claims to have met Whitehead, the leader of the Tomorrow International Ministry in Canarsie, Brooklyn.

According to the proceedings, Anderson underwent “life-threatening” surgery in April 2020, about three months after he began joining the service.

Her son, Rashid, introduced her Whitehead. Her Whitehead was praying with her on her phone when she recovered.

According to the proceedings, Anderson’s son proposed in July to ask Whitehead to help him buy a house with a low credit score.

Whitehead was to take Anderson her lifesaving ($ 100,000) and invest it in his company, Lamor Whitehead Inc. He then bought her home for her and took care of her necessary refurbishments, repairs and proceedings. Claim.

Anderson wrote a check on Whitehead in November 2020. Her legal document says he will give $ 100 a month until her new home is ready.

The proceedings said Whitehead came up with excuses for not paying her after making one payment of $ 100.

One of the reasons was that he was too busy with the failure of the Brooklyn Borough President’s campaign.

Anderson is said to have contacted him many times between January and May 2021, almost a year after Whitehead promised to help him find a home, but she said he every time. Was said to have been overwhelmed by the political practice of.

She was nervous about never seeing her money again, but Whitehead assured her in a text that he was “a sincere person and you wouldn’t lose,” according to her proceedings.

In mid-May, Whitehead said Anderson gave him money as a donation to the campaign, not as an investment.

“And for the record, everything given to me is a donation, unless attached to the contract!” Whitehead is said to have written in an exchange revealed in court documents. “I was investing in what I was doing!”

Anderson mistakenly emailed his son a contract stating his company, Lamor Whitehead Inc, as a buyer of a $ 4.4 million home in Saddle River, NJ, while trying not to fulfill his promise with her. Claims to have sent.

According to Anderson’s proceedings, the house has an underground pool, gym, wine cellar and other luxury facilities. A search of Bergen County records revealed that the house was not sold.

Whitehead told Daily News that Anderson was lying.

“Her son was a member of my ministry, but he was dismissed because it wasn’t integrated. It’s a proceeding because of who I am,” he said, talking to a lawyer before commenting further. I added that I wanted to.

“Anyone who tries to sue me for my celebrity status will continue to try to do what they are doing,” Whitehead said.

His lawyer, Brendan Combol, said Whitehead did not buy a home in New Jersey, but declined to comment on the proceedings in dispute.

Multiple attempts to reach Anderson have failed.

three Masked armed thief attacks Whitehead’s Remsen Avenue Church swiped on Sunday saying police said it was a $ 1 million worth of jewels from him and his wife.

Whitehead remembered the misery Crimes caught in the camera In an exclusive interview with the news on Monday.

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“Violation, it was terrible. It was different,” Whitehead said. “They had nothing to do with it. If I hadn’t got off, it would have been ugly.”

The roughest part was “I was hurt, a violation of the church. My wife’s wound. My wife is still crying. My 14 year old daughter — she really isn’t talking. They are my 8 months old. I had a gun on my baby’s face. “

NYPD released 2 photos Of the alleged thief on Wednesday.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead sued by a New York woman who says he stole her lifesaving

Source link Bishop Lamor Whitehead sued by a New York woman who says he stole her lifesaving

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