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Bipartisan $ 908 BCOVID-19 Stimulation Bill Announced Monday

A bipartisan group of lawmakers will announce a $ 908 billion coronavirus bailout bill on Monday, according to Senator Joe Manchin.

West Virginia Democrats teased a 12-digit package when they appeared on Fox News Sunday. This is because some previous plans to help Americans struggling were stalled by traffic jams in Beltway.

“Last month we had meetings day and night. We were on the phone all day yesterday. We’ll be on the phone again this afternoon to get things done,” Manchin said. “Tomorrow, I’ll make an invoice for Americans. [of] $ 980 billion. “

Mr Manchin admitted that some Americans are skeptical that the bill will follow a better fate than the previous repeat, which died in Congress because it rejected the demands of both parties in one fell swoop.

“There are many parts to this bill, and in a spirit of compromise you have to deal with all of them,” he said. “But after all, perfection cannot be a good enemy.”

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin
West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin
Michael Brochstein / Sipa USA

Manchin emphasized that the House of Councilors is often regarded as one of the more modest members of the House of Councilors, and that even if no one loves it, all senators need to finally pass a bill to live with. ..

“We have people without nutrition, people without shelters, people without salaries who are unemployed, overburdened hospitals, health care workers, schools that need to attend,” he said.

“This covers everything and gives every SME a chance to survive through the first quarter. [of 2021]”He swore. “By then, we should issue a vaccine that should help us.”

However, as host Chris Wallace pointed out, the bill advertised by Manchin was agreed by the so-called bipartisan “gang of eight” in the Senate, not to mention the 535 House of Representatives.

“There is no guarantee. There are 535 people who have to vote,” he admitted. “I can’t guarantee that they all vote for it and pass, but I can tell you one thing: what’s the alternative? What do you do?”

Bipartisan $ 908 BCOVID-19 Stimulation Bill Announced Monday

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