Billy Bush’Ribid’Over’Today’ Snab 70th Anniversary Video

Billy Bush is said to be “lively” with his exclusion Video aired on Friday To commemorate the 70-year history of the “Today” show.

Bush Dismissed from “today” in 2016 After a video leaked from his previous show “Access Hollywood,” he I talked lewdly with Donald Trump on an outtake Year 2005.

The infamous tape ended Bush’s stint on NBC’s powerful morning show just two months later — and sent him, according to Bush himself. Spiral featuring months of heavy drinking, sofa loaf, and crying..

On Friday, sources said the 12-minute video celebrating the 70th anniversary of “Today” only insulted the injury, saying the tape contained almost all the talking heads involved in the show. Stated. Even the shameful Matt Lauer.

Was Lauer Exiled from NBC in 2017 In the accusation of Sexual assault and assault, Standing in front of the Sphinx in khaki shorts and shades, he briefly appeared several times in a video containing a 9/11 Lauer snippet and another report from Egypt.

“Billy was happy to include everyone but him,” said a source close to Bush. “When they chose to include Matt Lauer— Accused of anal rape of young staff If you’re on a business trip and choose not to include Billy, you’ll find something very wrong. “

Matt Lauer has been banished from the 2017 “Toady” show.
Matt Lauer in front of the Egyptian Pyramids in today's 70th Anniversary Video
Matt Lauer briefly appeared in the “Today” 70th Anniversary video. Here, Lauer can be seen reporting from Egypt.

NBC declined to comment. Bush did not return a request for comment.

Bush’s run “today” was short, but videos from Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, Al Roker to Carson Daly, Katie Couric, Ann Curry, Jane Pauley, Bryant Gumbel. Was thorough, sources point out.

The show even unearthed old black and white clips featuring Frank Blair, John Chancellor, Barbara Walters and more.

Image of Arloker from today's 70th Anniversary Video
An archive of “Today” 70th Anniversary videos featuring Al Roker (center), Willard Scott (left) and Matt Lauer (right).

“It’s like Billy didn’t exist,” sources said, calling NBC a network of “nasty girls.”

However, some insiders don’t feel too bad about Anchor, whose presence “today” was poor compared to Lauer’s 20-year career. The 50-year-old Bush, the nephew of the late President George H. Bush, has a “big ego” and a “bulging self-consciousness,” sources have sniffed.

Billy Bush
Billy Bush was fired “today” after a video leaked from his previous show “Access Hollywood” in 2005 when he had an outtake and lewd talk with Donald Trump.
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In the television world, Bush, who is currently hosting the entertainment show “Extra,” is called “Bully Bush” because of his rigorous methods.

“The’Today’show is like an old girlfriend he can’t stop,” sources said. “He’s obsessed. He needs to let it go.”

Billy Bush’Ribid’Over’Today’ Snab 70th Anniversary Video

Source link Billy Bush’Ribid’Over’Today’ Snab 70th Anniversary Video

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