Bill Gates pledges $ 2 billion to gender equality after divorce exposure

Bill Gates will speak on stage at the African Innovation Potential Event at the Berlin Institute of Technology on October 15, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Christian Marquardt / Getty Images

Bill Gates’ A messy divorce I’m doing numbers with his public image.After an old extramarital affair and the exposure of his longtime money manager Suspicious behavior, By new report Business insider This week, it was revealed that Gates was considered an “office bully” by many Microsoft employees.

One of Microsoft’s former executives told insiders that he had seen Gates lying on top of a woman at 5 am during the company’s withdrawal in 1988.

“Meeting Bill was just an opportunity to be yelled at, so I tried to avoid it,” said another former executive.

Maria Klawe, a director of Microsoft from 2009 to 2015, claimed that Gates did not accept the proposal at the board to increase the diversity of the company’s leadership team. “The message was,’Diversity considerations have nothing to do with Microsoft’s success,'” Claw told insiders.

When it comes to the mild-tempered millionaire philanthropists we know today, it’s primarily a good public relations job. Microsoft’s public relations team was “very in control of the message,” and “was overly worried about perception,” said a fourth ex-employee.

Gates has not publicly responded to any of these accusations.But his charity, the Bill & Melinda Foundation, went on Wednesday Announced a huge gift Improving gender equality globally over the next five years.

A total of $ 2.1 billion in funding is aimed at “promoting women’s economic empowerment, strengthening women’s and girls’ health and family planning, and accelerating women’s leadership.”

The Gender Equality of the Gates Foundation has long been led by Melinda French Gates. In 2019, she began investing $ 1 billion over a decade to improve gender equality through her company, Pivotal Ventures.

“The world has been fighting for gender equality for decades, but progress is slow,” France’s Gates said in a statement Wednesday prior to public appearance in Paris.

The Wall Street Journal Gates reported Wednesday that he hesitated to spend Foundation funding on gender equality initiatives a few years ago because he said it was more difficult to measure effects than other programs such as vaccine development. But after further consideration, he came specifically to support programs that help women access financial services.

Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzuman journal Melinda is the “main face and voice” of the Foundation’s gender equality, but “Bill is also very deeply involved.”

Bill & Melinda Gates announced a divorce in May. At that time, the couple said they would continue to run the Foundation together as Co-Chair and Trustee. Foundation’s third trustee, Warren Buffett, Resigned earlier this month as reports surfaced that Melinda Gates was driving changes in governance within the organization.

Bill Gates pledges $ 2 billion to gender equality after accusation of

Bill Gates pledges $ 2 billion to gender equality after divorce exposure

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