Bill de Blasio Reliable to Escape in Stinking School Bus Trading

Will elected city officials oppose the purchase of Mayor De Blasio’s latest non-profit Boondog, a campaign donor’s failed school bus company?

On Monday night, eight members of the City’s Education Priority Committee voted to approve a five-year, $ 890 million contract with the newly created city-owned nonprofit NYCSBUS. This non-profit organization has no work experience in question and transports special needs school children. Five members abstained — an unusually high number for PEP.

The next night, the NYCSBUS Board of Directors (managed by the school’s President Richard Calanza) voted in favor of the acquisition of Reliant Transportation, which provided special needs transportation. Its owner donated $ 100,000 to one of De Blasio’s political plans a few years ago.

Reliant actually paid the city a $ 2 million sale. This is because the company’s $ 18 million approved debt exceeds $ 16 million in assets. How likely is the seller to make the deal better? And why don’t you let other school bus companies buy it?

Hazel Crumpton Hayes, a spokesman for city accounting auditor Scott Stringer, said Stringer “will ensure accountability, financial responsibility and safe transportation of children to school when they receive this contract. We will scrutinize this contract for you. ” However, she did not comment on the gloomyness of De Blasio’s deal to bail out a major donor company.

However, the City Charter allows stringers to block contracts only if they suspect that the stringer may be corrupt in the contract process, or if the vendor is bent. Otherwise, the mayor can order a registered contract. And the auditor doesn’t seem to want to say anything obvious.

Behind the scenes when the city hall created NYCSBUS and moved to buy Reliant, when the company told authorities plans to abandon 900 routes and stranded thousands of special needs children. Was done. Team de Blasio didn’t think he could hire another company in time.

But why doesn’t the mayor (who once vowed to provide the “most transparent government”) say so? Instead, he said the move was all about transporting children more efficiently. (Still, he still thinks his money-burning ferry system is a winner.)

His minions argue that the city hall plans to hire the entire workforce of the company, but taxpayers will not be hooked on Reliant’s $ 142 million pension debt. However, unions threaten strikes if members are not kept harmless by switching.

This unpleasant arrangement requires serious investigations: city council hearings, state investigations, and rigorous investigations by jurisdiction prosecutors.

Bill de Blasio Reliable to Escape in Stinking School Bus Trading

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