Bill Belichick embarks on Tom Brady’s playoff run

The hostile stadium that spews poison on him didn’t bother Bill Belichick on his team, regardless of which team ambushed and waited for the Patriots in 20 years.

But when Belichick stepped into the intense Arctic cold at Highmark Stadium on Saturday night, he entered the belly of a championship-hungry beast calling himself Bills Mafia for the first time in his legendary career. , Step into the postseason without Tom Brady. ..

So, after a year off from the playoffs, when Belichick began his desperate quest for the seventh Super Bowl Championship, no one knew the young Brady as a GOAT, so he didn’t have a better quarterback. Hmm. get on.

He has a rookie quarterback, Mac Jones.

Bills has Josh Allen.

Brady is in Tampa, studying a wild card game playbook with the Eagles, glancing at an old coach bundled in a hoodie on TV … or both.

Jones mastered Nick Saban’s big game in Alabama and defeated Cam Newton in Patriots’ first job. He was better than Trevor Lawrence and all other quarterbacks in the draft class … He also defeated Bills in the 13th week. On a windy western New York night, Patriots played a breathy ball and rushed through a humiliating 222-yard yard, completing two passes in three attempts at 19 yards.

Mac Jones, Josh Allen
Mac Jones, Josh Allen
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Bills, their masculinity and pride challenged, intercepted Jones twice and returned favors in New England in the 16th week.

Set up a thriller in Orchard Park.

Heavyweight slug fest for Super Wild Card Round.

More than 60 minutes of bone-breaking mayhem and prisonerless riots in the center of the ring.

Now let’s understand what this means for each side.

Belichick not only missed the playoffs last year in his first season without Brady, but also won the Super Bowl at Tampa’s home with Bruce Arians and saw Brady beat him to the seventh Lombardi Trophy. I had to.

So, Belichick, the general manager, spent $ 159.6 million on the money guaranteed at the beginning of the free agent whirlwind, giving Belichick enough head coaches to be in danger again.

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick

Now try to be a Bills fan.

When Bills hosted the playoff game in January last year for the first time in 25 years, COVID-19 restrictions did not exceed 6,722 playoffs at the stadium. Recall that it was the beloved Bills team who broke Belichick’s 11-year dominance in the AFC East.

Bills, head coach of Marv Levy and quarterback of Jim Kelly, lost the Super Bowl four times in a row from 1991 to 1994. Bills fans could only dream of their first victory while Belichick and Brady stood in front of the 6-ring dynasty.

Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane build power 60 minutes from the Super Bowl LV and defend Highmark Stadium as a back-to-back AFC East champion.

Allen has a completion rate of 60.8 in four playoff games with five touchdowns, one intercept, a 237 yard rush yard and another TD. “He’s hard to protect,” Belichick said.

Tom brady
Tom Brady and Buccaneers play Eagles in the NFC Wild Card Round.
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Allen is 2-2 in the postseason. Brady was Belichick and 30-11.

Jones is 0-0. And he will be greeted by the NFL’s No. 1 defense.

“We need to understand that there isn’t much room for error,” Jones said. “That’s fun.”

The kid is a cool customer and is ready for his years. He has the enthusiasm to return Belichick to the only place to coach. Jones should show up with ice water in his veins, and hope it doesn’t freeze. A cold-blooded team and a cold-blooded town are waiting for him and his coach.

Bill Belichick embarks on Tom Brady’s playoff run

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