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Biden wants the Electoral College vote to be a turning point for the Republican Party

Wilmington, Delaware (AP) — Joe Biden’s aide has sent a message to President Donald Trump and his supporters.

What you need to know

  • The Electoral College will officially elect Biden as president on Monday, and his aides say the Republicans want to accept Trump’s defeat.
  • Biden’s aides wants the Republicans to focus on fighting the coronavirus pandemic and halting economic turmoil.
  • Republicans support Mr. Trump’s unfounded allegations about electoral fraud, and Biden shows no signs of a honeymoon.
  • Trump is expected to file a new proceeding this week

As the electoral college will officially elect Biden as president on Monday, his aides said the Republicans would accept Trump’s defeat in light of their long-term interests (and national interests) and Corona. He says he wants to pay attention to fighting the virus pandemic and avoiding the economy.

Republicans generally support Trump because he makes unfounded claims about fraudulent elections, and they show Biden no sign that it looks like a honeymoon time. Biden takes power in a narrowly divided Senate — next month’s final vote in Georgia will determine who will control the Senate — and won a seat even if the Republicans lose Trump So the majority of the Democrats in the Senate have diminished.

However, aides point to Biden’s strong approvals, recording a record 81 million votes and voters worn by the pandemic to encourage Republicans to cooperate. Biden’s senior adviser Mike Doniron said American voters want the Democrats and Republicans to synchronize.

“The agenda that the presidential election is advocating is at the forefront of what people want in life,” Doniron said. “So I think it will be in the interests of the country, it will be in their own interests to get in and out of the way.”

Biden’s team took Trump to the White House four years ago to recapture Rust Belt, which helped the Democratic presidential candidate win in Arizona and Georgia since the 1990s, in claiming a mission. Pointing out President-elect. Biden also won a popularity vote of over 7 million people, backed by a strong show with women, people of color and independents.

Biden’s aide, who will address Monday night after the Electoral College vote, says it’s not as easy as it sounds to rule away from the controversial elections. The Electoral College’s voting process is gaining more attention this year as Trump refuses to allow the election and continues to file unfounded fraud allegations.

“We have won many times at this point in so many different ways. Biden’s Deputy Director Jen O’Mary Dillon shrugged Trump’s challenge,” said “(Monday). ) Is obviously a big day, probably because it requires a little more imports than before. “

Trump continued to question the election results on Sunday, saying, “Swing State, who discovered a large fraudulent vote for all of them, legally proves these votes to be complete and correct, without strict commitment. You can’t. A crime that will be punished. “

Thousands of Trump supporters landed in Washington on Saturday to complain about the loss of the president. They skirmished with anti-Trump demonstrators, and the turmoil hours after the rally led to the arrest of dozens of people, several stabs, and injuries to police officers.

And after losing dozens of legal challenges at the state and federal levels, Trump is expected to file a new proceeding this week. Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that five more proceedings were expected at the state level.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson will hold a hearing on the “irregularity” of the election on Wednesday. Johnson questioned on Sunday why Congress was not informed that Biden’s son Hunter’s tax was under federal investigation during Trump’s impeachment trial last year.

The president was acquitted in a Senate trial centered on Trump’s dealings with the Ukrainian president and whether he abused his office in search of Biden’s investigation. Hunter Biden served on the board of directors of a Ukrainian energy company.

“I’m sympathetic to keeping the investigation confidential unless there is a complaint,” Johnson said on the Fox News channel “Sunday Morning Futures.” “But when you’re talking about investigations within the political arena, especially those that would have influenced the impeachment trial of the US President sitting in the US Senate, it should have been relevant information, they The fact that I had a Hunter Biden computer All these emails date back to December 2019. “

Young Biden said in a statement last week that he learned he was under investigation recently. He also said he wasn’t cheating.

O’Malley Dillon downplayed the idea that the investigation could hinder Biden’s ability to pursue the agenda.

“The presidential election itself says it’s not about his family or Donald Trump’s family,” she said. “It’s about American families, and I think we’ll continue to focus on the issues that are affecting their daily lives.”

Biden wants the Electoral College vote to be a turning point for the Republican Party

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