Biden promises long-term support for Ukraine

“The United States will stick to Kyiv as long as it needs to,” a US leader said at a news conference.

US President Joe Biden said WashingtonStick to Ukraine as long as it takes“The dispute with Russia claims that Moscow will not end with control of Kieu.

Biden also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin saidGet exactly what he didn’t wantā€¯Suggests that Moscow hadI wanted NATO to be Finnish, [but] He got NATO in Finland.“Along with Sweden, Finland has applied to join NATO in the aftermath of a military attack, and both countries’ applications were formally accepted earlier this week.

The United States has invested enormous amounts in Ukraine’s war effort, providing $ 54 billion in economic and military assistance, of which about $ 12 billion was weapons. However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared that is not enough and is calling for an additional $ 5 billion per month in financial support from NATO. He called the total “The basics needed for defense and protection.“”

The need for Ukraine’s support will continue after the war, Zelensky hinted, arguing that his country should be given a protected position.Security guarantee.. “NATO”Need to find a place for Ukraine in a common security space“He insisted.

NATO countries met on Wednesday to adopt a new, more clearly anti-Russian strategic concept.It smashed peace and changed our security environment significantly.“,”Strong and independent Ukraine“It will be important for the stability of the block. NATO also did not stop blaming Russia for the world’s illness, and probably targeted China for its use.”Economic leverage to create strategic dependencies and strengthen their influence.“”

Biden declared on Wednesday that the United States would permanently expand its military footprint in Eastern Europe, and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg promised to strengthen it as well.High preparation“The existence of an army of 40,000 soldiers to a whopping 300,000.

Biden’s actions on Ukraine have been praised by US allies within NATO, but their acceptance at home was less enthusiastic.Only 11% of Americans believe Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell publicly announces Did not agree With Biden on the president’s claim that the surge in inflation was due to the crisis in Ukraine.

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Meanwhile, as the administration continues to spend tens of billions of dollars to support Ukraine’s war effort, the majority of Americans are concerned about achieving their goals, as the country heads for the midterm elections. Few people consider supporting Ukraine a high priority issue. In November. The president’s approval rate is record low, spiraling downwards as living expenses increase.

Biden promises long-term support for Ukraine

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