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Biden prays for a “correct verdict” at the Chauvin trial

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Washington (AP)-The Biden administration considers whether President Joe Biden should deal with the country and sends a specially trained community facilitator from the Justice Department to former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. I am personally considering how to handle the next decision in court. Authorities told The Associated Press.

The jury resumed deliberations on Tuesday morning after spending several hours discussing the case in a closed room on Monday. In closing arguments earlier that day, the prosecutor repeatedly shouted to the jury that Chauvin couldn’t breathe, and when he finally silenced, he “did not know” that he was squeezing his life from George Floyd. It didn’t happen. ” Chauvin faces murder and manslaughter.

According to two White House aides who are not allowed to speak publicly about personal conversations, the president’s plan for possible remarks remains in flux, with the timing, location, and nature of remarks being one. The department is being considered according to the timing of the decision. I spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

The White House is closely watching the progress of the trial in Minneapolis, watching another shooting of a black man by a white police officer last week, in case of potential anxiety if the trial is not convicted. I will. The White House aide said Biden could also speak after the conviction.

Spokesman Jen Psaki said Biden called the Floyd family on Monday and “checked in with them and shared that their family was in his prayers.”

Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd, said that Biden “knows what it means to lose a family … so he is praying for us and hopes everything will work. I was informing them, “he told NBC’s” Today “show. “

The verdict and its afterlife are Biden’s ordeals that promised to help police fight racism, sweeping the country after Floyd’s death and a national conversation about race. But he has also long projected himself as a police ally suffering from criticisms of the tactics and training methods that have been used for many years, and the difficulty of hiring them.

“Our purpose is to secure room for peaceful protests,” Saki said Monday, adding that the White House had “various discussions” in preparation for the next verdict.

“Of course, let the jury deliberate, wait for the verdict, and then talk more about the engagement,” Pusaki said.

According to Saki, government officials are in contact with leaders in Minnesota and other cities and states that have felt uneasy after Floyd’s death last year.

She refused to answer whether Biden would be “disappointed” if convicted. She said Americans could expect contact from the president shortly after the verdict, whatever it was.

Meanwhile, the FBI in Minnesota and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation are working with local officials to help law enforcement agencies prepare for possible post-verdict anxiety, officials said.

The Department of Justice also dispatched specially trained community facilitators prior to the verdict, according to senior Justice Department officials. Officials were unable to discuss the plan publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Officials who are part of the Department of Justice’s community services claim to be “American Peacebuilders” by mediating conflicts in the community and holding listening sessions to prevent future conflicts. ..

Apart from the trial, a federal civil rights investigation is ongoing. Several witnesses were summoned earlier this year to appear before a federal grand jury considering accusations against Chauvin.

The Justice Department’s civil rights investigation focused on Chauvin, and some witnesses, including other police officers who worked with Chauvin, told AP that people familiar with the matter told the AP.

Chauvin was previously ready to plead guilty to a third-class murder with the death of George Floyd-Attorney General William Barr personally blocked the judicial transaction last year. According to law enforcement officials, the investigation into Floyd’s death was relatively early, and Barr refused the deal because he felt the deal was too early.

Police stations across the country are also preparing for riots and other potential anxieties, canceling vacations and increasing the number of police officers available for shifts. The federal government does not elaborate on plans in the event of widespread or persistent civil unrest.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Monday that Washington, DC officials had requested the DC National Guard in case of civil unrest in the capital and are currently being considered by the Army. It was. He said the Secretary of the Army had the authority to approve the DC National Guard’s request, but did not have the details of the request.


The Associated Press writer Lolita C. Baldor contributed to this report.

Biden prays for a “correct verdict” at the Chauvin trial

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