Biden praises Dole as a “praised man” and says he will miss his friend

President Biden After many years of lawmakers died at the age of 98, he praised former Senator Bob Dole as “one of the few American politicians in our history” on Sunday.

“Bob was a man admired by Americans,” he said. Biden Said in a statement. “”he I had a sense of honesty and honor.May God bless you he, And our country is available his Always a legacy of dignity, dignity, humor and patriotism. “

A decorated World War II veteran, Mr. Dole served with him. Biden In the Senate from 1973 to 1996, the Kansas Republican Party became a GOP presidential candidate. he Lost to President Bill Clinton in the general election.

“Bob was … a hero of war and one of the greatest generations,” said the president. “And to me, he was also a friend who I could trust guidance, or find a humorous line at the right time to calm my frayed nerves. I miss my friends, but we share. I am grateful for the time I spent and the friendship that Jill, I, and our family have built with Liddy and Dole’s entire family. “

The president said he and Mr. Dole often disagreed, but “he did not hesitate to work with me and other Democrats at the most important time.”

“Together, he and Ted Kennedy have transformed Bob’s lifelong purpose into Americans with Disabilities Act, giving tens of millions of Americans a more dignified life,” he said. Says. Biden Said. “About the Social Security Committee he Led the bipartisan effort [Democratic Sen.] Pat Moynihan is to enable all Americans to grow older without compromising their basic dignity. “

After taking office this year Biden One of the said his The first conversation outside the White House was with Bob and Elizabeth Dole at his home in Washington.

“Bob was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He was there to provide the same support, love, and encouragement they showed me and Jill when his son Bo fought cancer. He was a friend. “. Biden Said. “I saw in his I witness the same light, courage, and determination I have seen many times before. “

he Dole also praised the creation of the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program, which provides school meals and meals to breastfeeding mothers and toddlers.

“It saved the lives of countless young people who would otherwise have died in early childhood, and brought dignity to tens of millions of families at home and abroad,” he says. Biden Said. “For Bob, this job wasn’t just about passing the law. It was written in his heart.”

Biden praises Dole as a “praised man” and says he will miss his friend

Source link Biden praises Dole as a “praised man” and says he will miss his friend

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