Biden makes a pledge of durability to petrol prices

The average price of pumps nationwide reached a record of $ 5 per gallon

President Joe Biden said at a press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid that the United States would endure as high a gasoline price as necessary.

When asked how long U.S. drivers should expect to deal with high fuel prices, Mr. Biden told reporters, “As long as it does, Russia will actually beat Ukraine to defeat Ukraine. You can’t move beyond. ” He emphasized that “this is an important and important position for the world.”

US gasoline prices have been the main driver of the country’s highest inflation in 40 years, reaching a record $ 5 a gallon this month. Prices have been on the rise since the beginning of the year, reflecting consumer demand outpacing oil supplies and continued turmoil in the energy market. Biden had previously reassured the public that the US government was doing everything it could to “alleviate this pain in the pump.”

The White House has repeatedly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of causing inflation in the United States, which Biden describes as a “price increase for Putin.”

However, the Federal Reserve recently rejected the claim that the rise in inflation in the country was mainly caused by the crisis in Ukraine, noting that prices had risen significantly before that.

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Biden makes a pledge of durability to petrol prices

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