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Washington (AP) —Thursday the White House launched a formal partnership with 11 East Coast Governor to boost growth Offshore wind powerA key element of President Joe Biden’s plan Climate change..

Biden, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and other Supreme Administrative Officers met with the Governor, wind industry officials and worker leaders at the White House on Thursday. This session focused on how to expand key segments of the offshore industry, including manufacturing facilities, ports, and labor training and development.

“Together we are stepping up. We are trying to build a better America,” Biden said. “It’s not just the future. It’s now.”

The partnership consists of the governors of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

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Missing from the compact is Virginia, where Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has moved to withdraw the state from a regional carbon restriction initiative aimed at combating climate change.

Spokesman McCawley Porter said Yongkin is backing the offshore wind industry and his administration has participated in a phone call with the White House on this topic.

“The Federation is already a leader in the offshore wind industry, and the Yongkin administration is focusing on this emerging sector in a way that is consistent with Virginia’s employment promotion and its labor rights philosophy,” Porter said. Refers to state policies that promote the rights of workers who are not obliged to join trade unions.

“We are fully committed to Virginia’s current offshore wind projects,” Yongkin said, and will continue to support future projects that “meet Virginia’s economic needs and protect payers from high energy costs.” is.

The White House is working with the state and private sector to “provide clean, cheap energy to Americans, create high-paying jobs, and invest billions of dollars in the new American energy supply chain.” Stated. Wind turbineShipbuilding and service.

Biden has set a goal of introducing 30GW of offshore wind power by 2030. This is enough to power 10 million households, support 77,000 jobs and spur private investment in $ 12 billion in offshore wind annually. Offshore wind is an important element of the Democratic President’s plans to build the country’s power grid. Carbon free By 2035.

The Biden administration has approved two large wind projects. Vineyard wind With Massachusetts South Fork Wind Off Newyork and Rhode Island. Both are under construction by union labor. The Home Office has begun reviewing another 10 offshore projects that, if approved, will produce 22 gigawatts of clean energy.

Danish wind developer Orsted Signed project labor agreement Last month, a national union representing 3 million people engaged in the construction industry and built an offshore wind farm in the United States with members of the United States. Orsted currently has six offshore projects in five states.

National agreements with the North American Building Trade Union are intended for contractors engaged in these and future projects and have no end date for project collective bargaining agreements. It sets the conditions for union workers to build offshore wind farms with the goal of securing a diverse workforce. This includes training preparations to enable you to build complex infrastructure that can cost billions of dollars.

David Hayes, Climate Advisor at the White House, said: The formal partnership will help the Biden administration “work with the governor on future policies and secure an American-made supply chain for this brand new industry,” Hayes said.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said he and other Governor of the East Coast said, “Not only geography, but clean and affordable energy, economic opportunities, and a common commitment to a future that protects all community members. We are united with our regional and federal partners by. The Exacerbating Impact of Climate Change. ”

Federal and state cooperation comes when the Biden administration announces up to seven implementation plans. Offshore wind auction By 2025, this includes those held off the coast of North Carolina last month and those held earlier this year in the coastal area known as New York Bay. Other sales are expected off the coast of Maine, the Central Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and California and Oregon.

The Environment and Clean Energy Group welcomed federal and state cooperation.

“Currently, there are only seven offshore wind turbines in the United States, so we need more wind turbines responsibly to reach our clean energy goals,” said Conservation Group Oceana’s campaign director. One Diane Hoskins says. She called for “a powerful safeguard for marine life to avoid, minimize and mitigate the effects of offshore wind.”

Heather Zichal, CEO of the American Clean Power Association, an industry group, said wind energy developers support federal initiatives. “To recognize the potential of offshore wind, clear and predictable permits are essential and there is still work to be done,” said Zichal.

Associated Press writer Aamer Madhani of Washington and Sarah Rankin of Richmond, Virginia contributed to the story.

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Biden is teaming up with the Governor of the East Coast to boost offshore wind | Government. & Politics

Source link Biden is teaming up with the Governor of the East Coast to boost offshore wind | Government. & Politics

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