Biden is still betting on wind power instead of US oil

If Sleepy Joe Biden He could be much more effective in his division, just by not stumbling upon all the other words.

That was the president’s evaluation The latest sound is inaudible, unstable, Often annoying and arguably embarrassing display of financial deficiencies from a group of Wall Street executives I often rely on to measure the pulsation of what the financial sector is thinking.

Some of them voted for Biden. None of them could be characterized as a MAGA hat wearing a Trump supporter.But all agreed to Biden’s speech Inflation Tuesday, And the way he planned to fight it was strange at so many levels.

Some of them longed for the good old days when Donald was in the White House.Yeah, they didn’t like it Trump’s average tweet And a trivial feud (real or imaginary) with the people who crossed him.But at least he kept things interesting and fundamentally maintained his economic policy It was quite capable.

I can’t really say about Biden. Aside from the suspension of deliveries, the most memorable part of his speech was that he accused everyone of angry inflation, Unique inflation policy. According to Biden, the most responsible is Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine, which is increasing inflationary pressures due to sanctions on Russia, a major energy manufacturer. Make a noise in the oil market.

However, these inflationary pressures were apparent even before the war.The White House’s green energy policy has begun to curb and squeeze oil supplies Pump consumer As the new administration continued to spend soaring consumer demand for all commodities, including food and gasoline.

Remember the words of Larry Summers. Obama-Clinton Economist. Long before the Ukrainian conflict, the summer, which is not part of the MAGA crowd, predicts that explosive spending pushed out by Biden through a Democratic-controlled parliament will cause 70s-style price increases. Did.

Economic barriers

Such financial illiteracy is horrifying to the president. It’s also scary that the president’s inflation speech attacked Putin as much as his fellow Americans who voted for Trump.He called them “Ultra MAGA” Or “MAGA Republican” It’s like a strange new species of animal that pulled the lever of the former president.

A land-based wind turbine in Atlantic City, NJ, that helps power sewage treatment plants.
The Biden administration believes that windmill turbines will blow inflation and destroy American wallets.
Associated Press Photo / Wayne Parry

He put them together with a similarly abominable Sen. Rick Scott, Wisconsin (His words aren’t mine. I know Scott represents Florida.) Republicans want tax increases and companies give way by not paying fair stock. Falsely claims that he wants it.

Funny, the last tax increase put into the law I can remember was Biden’s fateful buildback better Trillions of dollars spent A blunder that would have raised the already high inflation rate of 8.3% to double digits.

To improve inflation, Biden’s plans to grow with so-called clean energies (ie windmills, EVs, solar) that reduce their dependence on foreign oil. understood. But when will windmills and EVs really replace what we currently rely on for energy and transportation?Certainly not as a Tesla EV right now Creator Elon Musk Recently pointed out.

I can continue many times — Biden erroneously insisted that we would make more domestic oil production. Lower gas prices Inflation will decrease if Big Oil is not licensed for drilling. He skipped the way the federal government did not turn green lights on other permits required.

An overview of the $ 4.00 petrol price at the Exxon gas station in Hawthorne, NJ, May 10, 2022.
Team Biden has refused to invest in US oil production, raising gas prices.
Christopher Sadowsky

Some may be fooled by his speech, but again, I couldn’t find anything in the Wall Street sources.The market eavesdropped on all the president’s absurdities Sell ​​the dow Almost every day since he gave his speech.

Is the president a liar? Maybe, but he may also really believe in these lies. And that’s scary.

Disney went round and round

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Awakened Disney Entertainment Theme Park Empire — I thought it was a wise idea to oppose state law banning children After being taught About sex in kindergarten.

And the governor’s aide says he feels more itchy.

The Governor of Florida and Congress were able to end the House of Mouse with Disney’s opposition to that very wise law just for the most awakening of us. Special tax processing It is in a state. Left-handed shouts fouls and is subsequently sued by three state citizens alleging that one of the world’s largest businesses was somehow injured for violating the First Amendment’s rights by lacking corporate welfare. Was raised.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shows how to punish companies that try to interfere with the law.
Ellen Schmidt / Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP

Last week, the case was laughed out of court, and DeSantis is still enjoying It is said that you will take it to Disney and win. An aide to the Governor of Florida tells Fox Business’s Eleanor Terrett that even 55% of Florida Democrats believe their children don’t need to be lectured on sex.

“Of course, no company wants to fail, but considering these social issues is not good for the business,” said DeSantis’ aide.

Biden is still betting on wind power instead of US oil

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